Sunday, 15 July 2012

Life through an iconic lens

THE British summer may be an oxymoron this year, but no matter where the sun is one sunglass label will always look cool and provide a certain timeless style … Rayban.
Such is the iconic status of the label originally created in Rochester, New York in 1937, that terms such a Wayfarer and Aviator are immediately linked with the Bosch and Lomb glasses, synonymous with their style.
It is difficult to think of any other brand that has been mentioned in hit songs, attached itself to a mental of image of a film or of a style attachment to a person, but a simple list to name a few shows that: A song; Don Henley’s Boys of Summer, a movie: Top Gun and of course rogue journalist Hunter S Thompson, icons with an icon.

The Wayfarer has always been one of the American classics, and the tortoise line and the golden lenses give it a certain look that manages to step away from the black frames and lens, the hue gives it a slightly larger feel to the frames, and of course it rekindles the style of many musicians from the golden era of the Sixties.

The Clubmaster is one of the glasses that reached across varying style boundaries, I see them worn by political figures such as Malcolm X, the combination of metal and acetate in the frame plus the tighter lens size provides an alternate look and style for the range, with a green lens, is a slightly less garish model, perfect for a straighter look, with a twist of cool style.

Like the Clubmaster, the Outdoorsman features Polarised lenses, and is itself a luxury version of a truly wonderful sunglass the Aviator.

Sporting the same teardrop lens shape, the metal vintage shaped glasses come with leather trims on the ear pieces and above the lenses. The larger lens size of this glass make it multi-purpose, it not only looks good, it is also synonymous with flying planes etc, so it has a proven track record of success.

The of course there is the Aviator, with brown lens and gold frames this glass, which comes with a combination of lens colours green or black, but always with the same inimitable Aviator style, also boasts something special for this range, the ones features are gold not just in colour, 18k gold plating to be precise.

This shape is my favourite, but hey there really is something for every style conscious person in the Rayban range, but then again you’ve known that forever.