Wednesday, 13 June 2012

So hot you need to get in the shade

SO our cousins from Down Under have made another attack on our senses after dropping the stink bomb of Neighbours, Fosters and well Jason Donavan.
I’ll take Kylie Minogue, but only to bed.

So with a track record like that, you would, well any sensible person would avoid anything Aussie like the plague, not so None The Wiser sunglasses or shades are not the exception to the rule, they are a million miles away from the other rubbish they have sent our way.

These shades are something really special in all ways. They are cool, well designed and get this sustainable.
You can always tell when something is made right and made with love, and these glasses from Melbourne are exactly that.

With the frames made from bamboo (sustainable) with ‘German’ made hinges, so they will obviously work, and they sport plastic tinted lenses. They are a delight and very retro in style sporting the Wayfarer look in the Harris glasses.

Unlike a lot of glasses they also come with a one year warranty for manufacturing and material faults, (lenses not included).

These are terrific and will sit perfectly with preppy blazers such as Universal Works, Denham, Minimum, Oliver Spencer and YMC and why not pop in some smart new look t-shirts such as the Suit striped ones, which are delicious, drop in a Lacoste Live number or one of the stunning YMC stripe range or how about the J. Lindberg?

For those more out on a curved frame front check out the Valey St Cherry or the Queensbury Street which tip their hat to the foldable Persol or Steve McQueen glasses to say the least.

So, if you want t get shady this summer, you should be None The Wiser about it.

Top job.