Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Clash of the Titans AGAIN

SOMETHINGS never change and in some ways it’s best to keep it that way I think.
For example, Germany are looking good for a semi or final finish in a major football tournament.
Another perennial is that like Godzilla versus king Kong the battle for trainer supremacy continues between old hand and German (funny that) Adidas and in the American corner Nike and this time they are going for a total summer slam down. Use whatever term you like there, I thought slam down sounded quite good, but face off could do as well.
I like to try and keep this thing interactive.

Anyway, getting back on track, in the Germanic corner Adidas have come out all summer guns blazing with the ZX 700 running shoe coming in two colour way sets.
A stunning red, white and blue, and an equally delicious blue, white and yellow, you could say England versus Sweden if you were keeping it Euro kit colour based.

The ZX has gone through many guises and stood the test of time, now they seem to have altered the look to be very similar to the latest New Balance offerings, but hey who is quibbling about that?
Boasting the Originals range is the fabulous ROM trainer in tobacco with cream/beige three stripes. The ROM couldn’t be further away from the ZX, except in the sole, which has the same classic thin grip which gives the upper, to my eye anyway, more bulk.

Making sure all is steady for trainer fans another colour way version of one of the most iconic 1980s trainers the Gazelle 2 comes in blue with blood red heal and stripes, plus white sole.
Something I always wondered about the Gazelle, if you didn’t see another pair for 50 years you could quite easily close your eyes and describe it perfectly the style has had such an impression on the English male psyche. Sue me if I am wrong.

So with these three absolute killers out of the blocks where do Nike go?
Well it seems, the hybrid basketball look is where with the stunning Air Force range. When all else fails and I am not saying the Oregon based icon has failed in anyway, but always go back to what you know, your heritage and that’s what they have done with this delightful range, designed by Bruce Kilgore (Jordan II) which first introduced the hi-top on to these shores in the 80s and returning to a version on a theme is wise move.

The range steers clear of the hi-top in preference for the trainer style, and frankly that is a wise move.
The Forcer I has a large bumper style sole is still present, but the gold (do not be put off) finish with red Swoosh and darker green heel, denim and suede upper. They also come in red/mahogany with a nice red Swoosh. 

Based  on the 1982 Air Force I these are a good reposte from Nike, but as with anything like this, it is your choice that counts, I know what side I am on, but that’s a secret.