Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It's in the bag

Having been away for an while I am back like a bad smell, and what better way to return than to blog on something that really is pushing back boundaries.
Carrying the latest technology around has never been so easy and so fffing cool and these bags are trés cool.
The new Unit portable bag range is simply divine, practical, stylish in the same vein as the designs of laptops and iPads themselves.
Using some superb colour swatches the Unit 01 laptop bags, which is more Hi-karamba than Ikea, being of Scandinavian design, is a shoulder or hand carrier bag with multiple carrying hooks to enable ease.
The top third of the bag folds over to enable it to morph into a shoulder bag, when laptop is not in use, with the padded laptop sleeve able to accommodate 13 or 15 inch laptops.
Two smaller pouches at the front enable chargers, phones or wallets to be carried.
The bag really is multi-purpose and comes in a stunning red, series black, beige, a lighter Army green and a stand out blue, almost aqua in its finish.
The range also offers an iPad carrier, Unit 4 which is a mini singular dimensional version of the shoulder bag.
It has a built in handle, protective padded sleeve and can be attached to either the inside or outside of the Unit 01 if required.

These really are a treat, go out and bag one today. Sorry, could resist.