Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Voss left to say? This is genius

There are not many men that The Colonel will wax lyrical about, but HRH Pete Voss, the cutting edge contradictor of music, fashion and now clothing.

There is not a lot you can say about this man that has not already been felt or said, he had a talent that it is indefatigable and his former band Campag Velocet is something to behold, but also so are his belts, yes I said belts.

I have to laugh sometimes in this disturbing life of ours to understand how much talent some people have, but for a man to be a singer in a life changing band is one thing, but to carry on and create handmade belts that are stunning, is gobsmacking.

As some Scottish drunks where heard to once say about Roy Castle, when he arrived on stage playing the trumpet and tap dancing; ‘God are there no ends to his talent?’, with Voss it is not said taking the piss, this man is a class act and his belts, which were snapped up by YMC

recently, are simply that; stunning, full leather, handcrafted, stylish and decidedly different.

‘He’s been around knocked down, now he’s back again’ and yes he is.

Voss Belts will be at Stuarts soon make sure you are there to catch them.