Monday, 19 March 2012

Ain't no cure for summertime style

AMERICANA definitely has a place in all British men’s fashion, but some pieces just strike a chord and remain in your mind and heart form the very first time you saw them.

The same can be said about the two new Levi shirts, that have the hum of 50s and 60 America, the rolled up filter-less cigarette behind one ear the greased back hair and some sort of

unhealthy burger or shake to boot, plus an obligatory light beer.

The vintage open collar check is the perfect 1950s number in light blue/green and red check, with two chest pockets, this is the uniform of the disaffected and although chinos maybe

suggested I see alongside a pair of tight jeans and possibly a white T-shirt inside.

This is a tremendous garment, timeless you might say and is taken from an archive print.

Then for the slightly more flamboyant of the era and well now it has to be said the 1950s Hawaiian print shirt is a piece that could be seen to move away fomr just the youth who wanted to rebel, but also to act as uniform for non-conformists across the globe, just think of Hawkeye in MASH.

A stunning piece with higher collars than the open, this print is also original archive and boasts, unusually two chest pockets with flaps.

Both shirts have iron on toweling badges and are sure to get the summer off to a purrr.