Monday, 19 March 2012

Ain't no cure for summertime style

AMERICANA definitely has a place in all British men’s fashion, but some pieces just strike a chord and remain in your mind and heart form the very first time you saw them.

The same can be said about the two new Levi shirts, that have the hum of 50s and 60 America, the rolled up filter-less cigarette behind one ear the greased back hair and some sort of

unhealthy burger or shake to boot, plus an obligatory light beer.

The vintage open collar check is the perfect 1950s number in light blue/green and red check, with two chest pockets, this is the uniform of the disaffected and although chinos maybe

suggested I see alongside a pair of tight jeans and possibly a white T-shirt inside.

This is a tremendous garment, timeless you might say and is taken from an archive print.

Then for the slightly more flamboyant of the era and well now it has to be said the 1950s Hawaiian print shirt is a piece that could be seen to move away fomr just the youth who wanted to rebel, but also to act as uniform for non-conformists across the globe, just think of Hawkeye in MASH.

A stunning piece with higher collars than the open, this print is also original archive and boasts, unusually two chest pockets with flaps.

Both shirts have iron on toweling badges and are sure to get the summer off to a purrr.

Adi dazzles once again

Alright I sometimes cannot cope with more than one or two pairs of trotters, trainers, pumps or whatever you call them, at any one time or when something truly special stands out I also come over all unusual.

So when the king of trainer manufacturing Adidas, carpet bombs the rest with the release of a pair that sets new standards at the same time as causes the jaw to drop, I think the best thing is to let the images speak for themselves. The shoe? The Gazelle Indoor GB Team edition.

After all a picture, words, 1000 etc.

I will give some brief details, the trainer is … oh no, sorry got to rush for the tissues …

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Adidas: Icons are always that

AN iconic design, from an iconic label, what else could you want?

Nothing is the answer, just need a date to get off work and go and buy one of these beauties.

What is it that I am talking about I hear you cry, the Adidas Originals 3L jacket of course part of the Originals Blue collection.

This two-tone classic, lighter blue on the top half and arms, dark blue on the bottom his Raglan jacket sports two side pockets, zipped and a third chest one on the left hand side.

Harking back to the 1980s casual styling, the jacket is also as tough as its homeland Germany.

The generous storm hood, which is non-detachable, is wet weather proof, and the adjustable sleeve hems and bottom hem will ensure the weather stays well and truly out.

There are some tasty little touches as well, the main body zip inner has a lovely little harlequin patterning and inside there is a two tone light and darker grey lining, and it sport the tre foil logo with Originals on the chest.


A perfect balance: New Balance

NOT being one for fetish in the norm, I have to admit to having an unhealthy love for New Balance trainers.

I know where is began, my mate’s dad had a grey pair of 570s way back in the mid-1970s and I thought they were spectacular.

Something about the shape, the iconic design and combination of suede and leather was something I had never seen before and that love for the shoe has remained ever since.

So to stumble across the new 577s in red suede with white trim has had the usual affect, I am in love all over again.

The shoe which is reissued from the original in 1989 proudly sports the moniker Made in England on the tongue, they are also handmade in the brands Cumbrian factory, and includes the ENCAP midsole system, which means the shoe is not only ffing stylish, but it is a professional piece of running equipment.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Voss left to say? This is genius

There are not many men that The Colonel will wax lyrical about, but HRH Pete Voss, the cutting edge contradictor of music, fashion and now clothing.

There is not a lot you can say about this man that has not already been felt or said, he had a talent that it is indefatigable and his former band Campag Velocet is something to behold, but also so are his belts, yes I said belts.

I have to laugh sometimes in this disturbing life of ours to understand how much talent some people have, but for a man to be a singer in a life changing band is one thing, but to carry on and create handmade belts that are stunning, is gobsmacking.

As some Scottish drunks where heard to once say about Roy Castle, when he arrived on stage playing the trumpet and tap dancing; ‘God are there no ends to his talent?’, with Voss it is not said taking the piss, this man is a class act and his belts, which were snapped up by YMC

recently, are simply that; stunning, full leather, handcrafted, stylish and decidedly different.

‘He’s been around knocked down, now he’s back again’ and yes he is.

Voss Belts will be at Stuarts soon make sure you are there to catch them.