Thursday, 9 February 2012

Team up for this cracker

EVERYONE knows it's Olympic year, there seem no escape from it. The overspend, the crappy toys that look like something from cheap end Chinese factory, oh they are and of course Seb bloody Coe.

There is one piece of the London games you may not want to escape from before the real events actually start and that’s the Adidas Team GB cagoule based on the 1984 games jacket.

The Adidas hooded two hand pocket jacket with zip front is real winner. The red, white and blue coat is a replica of the original, proudly sporting the Union flag on the right side of the chest.

The navy bottom, white chest band and red top half and hood with drawstring fasteners is a gem of a garment and will conjure up memories of the decade of true clothing difference.

And makesup part of a superb Olympic range from the iconic brand check out the LA Games T-shirt and the Team GB LA 1984 tracksuit top.