Friday, 3 February 2012

Garment of the week

RIGHT here it is the most exciting new blog I can come up with Garment of the Week, think Harry hill's TV Burp theme tune when you say the new catchy title.

The on difference that will make this blog a collectors item or limited edition at least is that I am going to suggest two Garms, as one is a T-shirt and as the entire world is about to completely freeze over this weekend it only seems right to suggest something warm to keep the chill out.

First of the Garments of the Week is the amazing LA Olympic T-shirt from Adidas, G LA 84 which stirs up images of that nutter in the jet pack, along with Carl Lewis, Daley Thompson and oh you know that other runner bloke Coe.

So the T-shirt in white cotton, is emblazoned with the fabulous star logo from the games in red and blue along with the Olympic rings.

The cotton shirt sports an Olympic museum logo on the left arm and the Adidaa Tre-Foil logo on the bottom left.

A classic T-shirt from a classic brand.

So to keep out the cold this weekend and in the coming weeks, have a look at the Barbour x Tokihito Yoshida hooded half zip jumper in navy.

Not really much to say about this as I cannot really speak for drooling, this is a fantastic garment with a large front pocket in double knit, with a detachable hood with draw-string fasteners.

This is not only a new arrival, but a new favourite for me as part of a collaboration that is really pulling up some trees.

As the collab is with Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshido presumably the trees will be Bonais, I know bad joke.