Wednesday, 25 January 2012

William is really something

EIGHTIES indie Titans The Smiths once sang William It Was Really Nothing, but in the case of the new Grenson William shoe, it really is something and something special at that.

The Grenson lace up Brogue pattern shoe comes in two of the most striking colours I have ever seen and really will catch the eye.

Due to the colouring and white stitching, the leather upper appears to be made of something else and the white Vibram sole only adds to this compeling look.

The finish of the leather appears almost suede like and the colours of navy and mustard are both striking, cutting and new.

Is it a bit weird to say they have a live feel about them?

Can shoes be live?

Once you look at them you will get my drift.

Grenson seem intent on pushing back as many boundaries as possible be it through their combinations with other producers or with their exquisite new designs, whatever it is, they must be commended for being adventurous at a time when some are being cautious.