Friday, 6 January 2012

Best foot forward

SIMPLY Boot-iful is the only way to describe the new range of footwear from French label Lacoste.

As the boundaries of men’s casual footwear seems to be forever being push back at the present, it is reassuring to see one of the major labels still staying at the cutting edge.

These boots are as good as any of the newer labels or combined efforts out there and the use of colour mixes is both subtle and striking.

The Arona is a leather upper hybrid shoe/boot and comes ina delicious cream or brown, with a nice clean white sole.

The LED boot is a five-eyelet lace up brown suede boot with a gripped sole rather than the flat all Arona. This is a more industrial boot with blue leather trim.

Prividing a more 1980s feel comes the Fairbrooke SRM boot in brown leather with some excellent suede edging by the lace eyelets. Again with a white clean sole this is a terrific boot and will conjure up memories of days gone by with an eye to the future.

The P Lem boot, in blue and pink trim, or khaki with orange trim is for me the stand out boot of the range.

It provides a really youthful feel to it and is sure to be a hit. The perforated leather finish and white four lace eyelet number works a treat. They smack of the break dance days and are a sure fire winner for the summer.

A Smashing effort from the famous French label will ensure your best foot is forward this summer.