Tuesday, 17 January 2012

ADIDAS: The Two right tonic

It's like an old friend returning from a long trip away every time that Adidas re-release or release a range and this time 2012 starts in exactly the same way.

Funny for a country that is famous for being so stern and has a love of flavourless sausages that one of its main exports, in the world of fashion at least, should be quite so beautiful and full of Jua de vieve.

Well let’s stop all the platitudes because it is just the norm and this new release is nothing short of what you expect.

So to start there is the clothing and bag range, which well, oh, just look for yourselves, I mean what is a man to do when stuff like this is released apart from cry if his wallet is not big enough to fulfil his dreams or at least salivate.

Be it the Firebrand tracksuit top, which has graced Olympics and world football tournament since I was knee high to a grass hopper, I recall my father wearing one of these in red with white trimming, Jesus I wanted that tracksuit top.

Was it true that or were people smaller in those days I tried and tried to get it on, but couldn’t get it to fit. Oh that high neck is something to behold.

The classic polo in light blue with a yellow tre foil badge is a delight as well, timeless you might say.

Or how about the Colorado, just dripping with Scally football history, or if you want to step away form the terraces, well at least the masses and then why not run with the top boys and sort out a Holdall Vintage bag which in brown or black is something of an extra touch of class to any man about town.