Wednesday, 25 January 2012

William is really something

EIGHTIES indie Titans The Smiths once sang William It Was Really Nothing, but in the case of the new Grenson William shoe, it really is something and something special at that.

The Grenson lace up Brogue pattern shoe comes in two of the most striking colours I have ever seen and really will catch the eye.

Due to the colouring and white stitching, the leather upper appears to be made of something else and the white Vibram sole only adds to this compeling look.

The finish of the leather appears almost suede like and the colours of navy and mustard are both striking, cutting and new.

Is it a bit weird to say they have a live feel about them?

Can shoes be live?

Once you look at them you will get my drift.

Grenson seem intent on pushing back as many boundaries as possible be it through their combinations with other producers or with their exquisite new designs, whatever it is, they must be commended for being adventurous at a time when some are being cautious.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

America's best

PHIL Collins, yes I know awful musician, once had a record called No Jacket Required, but as with all of Collins music he was wrong, very wrong, especially when it comes to the 1930 Menlo’s jacket release, as this one is required.

Re-issued after far too long in the cupboard of the famous American fashion house, the jacket was originally released in 1930 and is part of the Levis design archives and of course is a full 100% sheep-skin leather delight.

Six button fronted with two button fastened waist pockets in tan is made in Italy and as a nod to its time, comes in slim fit.

This jacket is a stand out product and it has definitely stood the test of time.

The famous brand has also released some superb new T-shirts and shirts, which are very much a piece of perfect Americana.

The stripe and Sailor t-shirts, both striped and both classic in look and design. Be it West Side Story to Hells Angels to the Beach Boys or American Graffiti these 100% cotton shirts are both part of the sailor range, the only difference, colours, is the shorter arm from the stripe to the Sailor, with the longer being on the stripe.

Regular fit and part of the SS12 collection the stripe comes in orange and light grey, while the Sailor comes in navy and light grey.

Stick a soft pack of Marlboro in the chest pocket and the Wet Sand denim shirt could be at home on the range or any American street.

The darkwash denim shirt, comes with two chest pockets and pearl button finishing, plus the iconic Levi tab on the pocket.

The slim fit shirt and sports shoulder cut diamond patches.

Not a bad start to the New Year from Levis me thinks

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Winter Wonderful

THERE are jackets and there are jackets, but the new offerings from Italian powerhouse Ma.Strum will make the winter weather almost a pleasure.

There are several jackets on offer, but I have picked up on three that will warm the cockles this chill.

First out of the particularly well tailored hat is the Torch Industrial jacket in gold, which is part of the SS12 collection.

Every thing on this parka shaped coat comes with almost everything when it comes to adjustments, with a removable hood with adjustors, waist adjustors on a four pocket front and comes in a regular fit.

It also comes with a branded LED torch and pouch, you might say it has everything.

Still part of the same collection, the Midnight Torch Outershirt jacket which is more of a blouson than a parka shape, with two chest and side pockets.

The lightweight coat sports branded buttons, this slim fit jacket comes with now obligatory branded torch.

Then there is the daddy of the range in my opinion the Sandstone grey windcheater, a full length parka shaped hooded coat out of parachute fabric.

It also has a neat little capability of the option to wear the coat longer with a hidden fabric for extra coverage.

Sporting two front pockets this jacket really is something special.

Whatever winter throws at you, try putting one of these into your wardrobe.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

ADIDAS: The Two right tonic

It's like an old friend returning from a long trip away every time that Adidas re-release or release a range and this time 2012 starts in exactly the same way.

Funny for a country that is famous for being so stern and has a love of flavourless sausages that one of its main exports, in the world of fashion at least, should be quite so beautiful and full of Jua de vieve.

Well let’s stop all the platitudes because it is just the norm and this new release is nothing short of what you expect.

So to start there is the clothing and bag range, which well, oh, just look for yourselves, I mean what is a man to do when stuff like this is released apart from cry if his wallet is not big enough to fulfil his dreams or at least salivate.

Be it the Firebrand tracksuit top, which has graced Olympics and world football tournament since I was knee high to a grass hopper, I recall my father wearing one of these in red with white trimming, Jesus I wanted that tracksuit top.

Was it true that or were people smaller in those days I tried and tried to get it on, but couldn’t get it to fit. Oh that high neck is something to behold.

The classic polo in light blue with a yellow tre foil badge is a delight as well, timeless you might say.

Or how about the Colorado, just dripping with Scally football history, or if you want to step away form the terraces, well at least the masses and then why not run with the top boys and sort out a Holdall Vintage bag which in brown or black is something of an extra touch of class to any man about town.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Best foot forward

SIMPLY Boot-iful is the only way to describe the new range of footwear from French label Lacoste.

As the boundaries of men’s casual footwear seems to be forever being push back at the present, it is reassuring to see one of the major labels still staying at the cutting edge.

These boots are as good as any of the newer labels or combined efforts out there and the use of colour mixes is both subtle and striking.

The Arona is a leather upper hybrid shoe/boot and comes ina delicious cream or brown, with a nice clean white sole.

The LED boot is a five-eyelet lace up brown suede boot with a gripped sole rather than the flat all Arona. This is a more industrial boot with blue leather trim.

Prividing a more 1980s feel comes the Fairbrooke SRM boot in brown leather with some excellent suede edging by the lace eyelets. Again with a white clean sole this is a terrific boot and will conjure up memories of days gone by with an eye to the future.

The P Lem boot, in blue and pink trim, or khaki with orange trim is for me the stand out boot of the range.

It provides a really youthful feel to it and is sure to be a hit. The perforated leather finish and white four lace eyelet number works a treat. They smack of the break dance days and are a sure fire winner for the summer.

A Smashing effort from the famous French label will ensure your best foot is forward this summer.