Thursday, 15 December 2011

Grenson HR couldn't look no better

KID Creole sang I’m a wonderful thing baby and for shoe fans the new collaboration between the classic manufacturer Grenson and current ground-breaking clothes designer Heritage Research is exactly that, a trult wonderful thing.

The Burrows Cognac Long Wing brogue to use its full and snappy name is something to truly behold and reminds me of the type of shoes sported by Kid himself.

Using all its skills the famous 19th century Northamptonshire boot manufacturer has really gone to town with its HR tie up.

The full leather two-tone beige and brown shoe with suede sports a bespoke brogue pattern, calf leather uppers and waxed laces, this is the shoe to be or be seen in. Oh and did I forget to add that they have Goodyear welted soles? No, well they have.

God I love these shoes.

But as with Christmas the joy doesn’t end there, there are two other shoes in the range, making this a hat-trick to remember.

Next out of the blocks comes the navy version of the Burrows shoe, which is the same shoe, only in a delicious navy blue colouring.

The Bowller tan shoe finishes off the range and is a shoe that smacks of Americana all over.

In keeping with the labels love of everything Stateside and comes in a bespoke bowling inspired pattern.

Full waxed calf leather uppers, English winter rubber soles, again Goodyear welted they are an absolute delight.

And are a stand out part of a standout collection and are available at limited stockists.

As the Kid said; ‘Take a look at me, you know I couldn’t look no better. Girl I’m at my peak and that’s a fact, that’s a fact.”

And so are these shoes, and that’s a fact.