Friday, 23 December 2011

Get some socks appeal and sod your auntie

Alright so you usually hate your mum-in-law or your auntie, or dare I say it a careless mum who buys you some cheap end almonds (socks) for Christmas along with a packet of After Eights.

So one simple piece of Xmas advice from The Colonel, buy them yourself and throw hers in the bin.

There are plenty of ‘real’ socks around and what better way to bring s smile to your face then knowing you have made the right step towards the new year, see what I did there? New step, socks?

Anyway, starting off with the king of almonds, Burlington. I just love these socks, described simple as the ‘Bentley of socks’ by Stuarts and correctly too, these pure acrylic/polyamide socks, with retro styling and the cult button on the left leg come in diamond print classic, Preston in navy, blue or dark red and for those with a slightly larger pockets the ST Andrews cashmere, in blue or black which can boast to being the ‘original’ Burlington and boast a larger diamond cut print.

Simply stunning.

Or why not try the home indoor sock, which in many cases is know as an invisible and of course comes with a shorter leg and the classic diamond cut navy.

Happy Socks come in the most amazing array of patterns and are for the more outrageous among you. Designed in Sweden these socks are really a stand out product and will probably give that stinky old aunt a heart attack. Well at least you won’t have to put up with her rubbish present next year.

Superbly crafted on high precision Italian machines these socks come with the aim of providing comfort and durability.

Patterns include polka dot, half stripe orange, red stripe and need to be seen to be believed.

Heading for home shores the English made Pantherella socks are superb. Combining merino wool and nylon, the classic sock in grey with coloured toe and heel is stunning, but in fact the whole range is sublime. They of course offer cashmere socks, which are a cut above.

Trust me these socks are almost twice as mad design wise as Happy Socks and that is saying something. For the more outrageous among you, or just those who fancy something outstanding that’s hidden away.

Universal Works and Gabicci are also well worth looking into as well, but I must say the most unusual design I have seen are the Richard James dog tooth green and black socks, incredible.

I have only mentioned a few of the Burlington, Pantherella and well everyone mentioned labels, there are so many to choose from you really need to step out and get going with this one.

Happy Xmas.