Monday, 21 November 2011

No Tricker, just quality English shoemaking

SOMETHINGS pretend to be what they are not, but unlike their name, these Trickers are the real deal, providing handmade English quality to a world reknowned shoe that has stood the test of time.

With more than 180 years of shoe building excellence behind them, it is no wonder that the latest range of shoes and boots from this Northampton shoe maker.

Taking the eye if only for total originality and bespoke colouring the Derby Parisian blue brogue provides rugged commando sole with brogue top. The blue colour of the shoe is exclusive to Stuarts and if only that reason, you need to check these beauties out.

The four eye let lace up shoes are like a tick box of quality, with Goodyear welted sole, hand made, double leather upper, using calf leather, the shoe has everything you could want in a quality product.

Coming as part of Trickers Country Collection the shoe is similar to the Derby dark brown. But with subtle differences, firstly the obvious one the colour is not exclusive to your favourite menswear shop, but also the sole has a beige colour stitched upper, along with a bright red inner lining.

The Stow oxblood brogue boot is a terrific piece, timeless in many ways the ankle boot has a seven eyelet lace up again providing the usual quality finishes like the double leather uppers and double leather stitched sole, the boot utilizes the beige contrast sole, which still comes with the quality Goodyear welted sole, although without the commando finish.

Once again this boot stands out from the crowd because of its exclusive oxblood colour, yes exclusive to Stuarts.

The brogue boot is an absolute gem and also comes in a acorn antique finish, which sports matching laces, unlike the oxblood, which comes with black lace.

With all things coming back to England and English quality at the moment, Trickers are another piece of the glowing jigsaw. I can see these shoes and boots adorning any of the Heritage Research garments, along with YMC, Universal Works and the Garbstore stuff. Each providing a sturdy, superbly crafted addition to your wardrobe, the Trickster is choosing the one you love best, as they all deserve to be worn with pride

Monday, 14 November 2011

A perfect Union: Grenson x Barbour

THE Union Flag was born to symbolise the best Great Britain had to offer, and in the latest joint venture between Scotland and England the world of the working and stylish shoe is something to behold.

The Grenson X Barbour effort which offers a fabulous range of brogue based shoes is a tag team that would put Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks to shame.

With a complete outdoor flavour the Marske tan calf shoe is like a brogue covered 4x4 for your feet, combining a commando sole with a brogue upper in tan and green. The lace up shoe with metal eyelets has a brown leather toe and heel sat against a green quarter.

The calf leather with waxed cotton is a wonderful finish and really should be a stand out product.

But with this new range it is difficult to find a shoe/boot that is stand out, they all are.

Seconds out round two: The Egton green full brogue is a five metal eyelet lace up shoe but without the commando sole, instead it offers a red brick dianite sole with added grip. This is a lovely shoe and as I stated cannot really be compared to the Marske as it has its own particular qualities.

Now for the third and final round the Acklam brown rusti grain boot, which comes with a mixture of grain leather with waxed cotton.

The boot utilizes its colour panelling really well, a subtle combination of browns and the beige sole evoks images of yesteryear and really is something to behold.

With these two companies you always know what you are going to get, and knowing they boast the moniker Made in England proudly is a thing not to be sniffed at.

This range gets my stamp of approval and it won’t take much for them to surely work their way into any sensible man’s wardrobe.