Sunday, 23 October 2011

Tuck into these boots

STRAIGHT out of Compton, well Hollywood anyway and Gourmet NFN shoes are a real five star success capturing a real mix of where they are from.

The hotch-potch can be seen in these shoes with smatterings of Italian style and American culture, vivacious colours and superb angles and cuts which evoke a real sense on modern luxury.

They are both laidback, but show a real sense of finite detailing, at the same time.

The 21 black papyrus duck boot smack of spats in the use of double toned leather, with a light tan upper, contoured with a black bottom and white sole.

The vulcanized rubber sole, with a full leather uppers and pigskin lining makes this boot nothing if not stand-out.

For someone of my age, 23, oh OK 43, these boots rekindle a look in to the future you may have felt with 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The fabulous colour selections and the use and finish of the leather tones is really unusual and forward looking in its feel, esthetic and style.

The second boot on offer is the 21 brown boot, which is a one colour boot, offering a black sole, with two leather panel finish, and a rubber duck sole toe as featured on the Papyrus.

The boots have to be seen to be truly understood, they remind me of amphibious craft and a variety of things that are both known and unknown.

I may sound like I am struggling to put these boots into words, but when you listen to some of the superlatives used by Gourmet themselves you will see it’s not just me and I quote; ‘Gourmet is both high and low, style forward yet familiar, chic and gauche. ‘Each piece possesses an understated complexity that underlies Gourmet’s high concept DNA’.

See it’s not just me is it!

Either way, Gourmet boots are feast of delights, sorry, but I had to get some cheesy pun in there didn’t I.