Friday, 14 October 2011

Some things keep their class - Chevignon

TIMES do change, some things with the word Chevi or Chevy, if you are a Yank, in just do not cut the mustard anymore. Chevrolet, that staple American muscle car no longer makes muscle cars, just look at the hit movie Drive to see the Impala. I wouldn’t drive that and I’ve driven a Skoda.

Also Chevy Chase, what sort of films has he been in recently? Well, none is the answer, but Chevignon, see what I did there?, that classic lebal just keeps producing the goods.

The new range of puffa, Tog jackets is living proof that class is permanent and if you keep doing things well, your name will remain.

The three new jackets smack of Italian football stadia, and fans, the Tiffosi with the combinations of grey, black and white being used to perfect effect.

The New York jacket is part of the Jacques Shu collection and is a reissue of the 1990s jacket.

This is a very limited edition garment with just 100 issues being available worldwide. The main body of this little cracker, which sports TC on the front with the Chevignon logo just above it, is leather with mixed fabric detachable arms, the two pocket down jacket, which also sports the logo on the back has an American college jacket feel, with its short collar which is grey and black trimmed as are the cuffs and waist.

Securing the jacket is a zip and button fastener. All very nice indeed.

The Capri coat has an unusual pinstripe print on the body, with black lamb leather shoulder patches and the logo on the chest and back.

The neck on the Capri is a higher buttoned fastened number and it is once again a very limited run and also a reissue from the 90s range. Two front pockets and detachable sleeves or arms, make this a really unusual edition, I have seen a jacket quite like this and with only 100 on offer, it is likely I will not see many again.

The Unlimited down jacket is not a reissue and is reminiscent of the classic puffa, quilted down front styling in navy with beige lamb leather shoulder patches.

Button and zip fastening on the front, which sports two side pockets the higher neck in the same vein as the Capri coat.

All the jackets would be a quality edition to any wardrobe, just hurry that’s all.