Thursday, 27 October 2011

Gloverall: Forever England

THE mother of all coats and jackets with a history of English craftsmanship and tailoring that is difficult to beat, Gloverall really are up there with the best, if not the best.

So it is always with joy you wait for new releases and this time round there is no exception, the new coats are simply divine, one taking it’s nod form the greatest Englishman of all time.

The new 512 jacket is subtle style in a nutshell, this knee length wool mix coat is classic Gloverall. The double faced cloth makes for warmth, comfort and superb style that will last for years. The standard front toggle loop fasteners are on show, where would we be without those? Along with the large bottom front pockets and detachable hood with fixed shoulder cap. It is like a meeting with an old friend who you know so well and feel totally at home with.


So coming in grey the lining of this piece is something special as well. I won’t bother describing it, just feast your eyes on that lining, class.

So how does a company that proudly bear the mantel Made in England show its true lineage?

Well by reproducing the coat worn by Sir Winston Churchill no less, resplendent with naval impressed buttons, a nod to the old bulldogs days at the Admiralty as First Lord.

The coat which comes in navy melton reefer coat, with double breast. The coat, which just conjures up so much proud history, features two slanted front chest pockets, along with the standard large flap bottom pockets.

The coat has a single vent, with a fastened inside pocket.

This really is something to behold and as it is yet to appear on the website, I suggest the time is now to strike out for this one and be the first to show your true following.

I can see both these coats looking good alongside some straighter cut jeans, such as the Edwin Sen Selvedge or the Lindberg Eddie dark wash, drop in a pair of Jeffrey West shoes, I would plump for one of the YMC Fairisle jumpers or that stunning John Smedley Merdian stripe, plus a nice contrast scarf, how about a Barbour Cardinal tartan I think red, or the YMC plum or one of the Howlin by Morrison ones.

Yes that’ll do it.