Friday, 14 October 2011

Barbour - Back with a bang

CLASSIC stylish, simply superb, that’s Barbour jackets and the new Liddesdale andInternational jackets are no different.

The patchwork Liddesdale is part of the Heritage range is from the basic country collection, slim fit heritage style, the coat sports corduroy collars and pocket trims.

Two front pockets, with a nice slant styling and a button front fastening, along with studded side vents make this normal coat a lovely piece.

The black Union Jack International is a motorcyle coat, with superb Union Jack lining, it has zip and button storm fly front it has stud adjustable collar and sleeves, with the deliious buckle belt fastener on the front as well.

This jacket has remained since its original concept in the 1930s and just one look at it tells you why.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

The jacket has that ‘must have one of those’ feel to it, or 'Something to aim at', as the late British road cyclist Tom Simpson would have said, the International harks back to days of holiday motorcycling posters while adding a modern touch that ensures it will be around for a similar time period.

The Chelsea quilted jacket is in the same line as the Liddesdale, preffering a high buttoned collar to the corduroy touches of the other, is comes a in lovely light grey, with front pocket flaps and a zip pocket above the righthand front pocket.

Slim fit, this is a lovely version on a theme.