Friday, 28 October 2011

Can they kick it? Lecce they can

SO Lecce. What do we know about Lecce? Apart from it being in Southern Italy, not a lot else.

The Florence of the South so they say, but that’s about it.

US Lecce the areas football team now play in Serie A, but it is another sort of boot handmade in the city that has caught my attention other than the footballing type, that of the Fracap hiking boot.

Talk about stand out, rarely seen this side of Tokyo, the Vibram boot, which comes in black, red, blue and grey leather are so tough looking and yet stylish as to perfectly blend mountain and high street in one easy stride.

The leather upper, with lace up metal eyelets, Vibram Morflex sole, don’t ask me, but it sounds good, make this a tough wearing ankle boot.

Coming with two pairs of contrasting laces, the handmade boots are a delight, with lighter sole and beige interior the Scarponcino boot is a winner making winter chill a thing of the past.

The boot also comes with a suede upper and variation on the flatter sole, this boot comes with a ripple sole, which appears to have more grip and is a rubber sole, rather than Vibram. The variation is simply down to esthetics unless of course you are actually going hiking in them.

I wont be so it’s style over content for me.

These come in camel and coffee, with a white sole and also have two contrasting laces sent with, yellow and red.

If a hard wearing, rarely seen boot, that has a real cutting edge style to it, is your aim then Fracap is the boot of choice, for this and any year.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Gloverall: Forever England

THE mother of all coats and jackets with a history of English craftsmanship and tailoring that is difficult to beat, Gloverall really are up there with the best, if not the best.

So it is always with joy you wait for new releases and this time round there is no exception, the new coats are simply divine, one taking it’s nod form the greatest Englishman of all time.

The new 512 jacket is subtle style in a nutshell, this knee length wool mix coat is classic Gloverall. The double faced cloth makes for warmth, comfort and superb style that will last for years. The standard front toggle loop fasteners are on show, where would we be without those? Along with the large bottom front pockets and detachable hood with fixed shoulder cap. It is like a meeting with an old friend who you know so well and feel totally at home with.


So coming in grey the lining of this piece is something special as well. I won’t bother describing it, just feast your eyes on that lining, class.

So how does a company that proudly bear the mantel Made in England show its true lineage?

Well by reproducing the coat worn by Sir Winston Churchill no less, resplendent with naval impressed buttons, a nod to the old bulldogs days at the Admiralty as First Lord.

The coat which comes in navy melton reefer coat, with double breast. The coat, which just conjures up so much proud history, features two slanted front chest pockets, along with the standard large flap bottom pockets.

The coat has a single vent, with a fastened inside pocket.

This really is something to behold and as it is yet to appear on the website, I suggest the time is now to strike out for this one and be the first to show your true following.

I can see both these coats looking good alongside some straighter cut jeans, such as the Edwin Sen Selvedge or the Lindberg Eddie dark wash, drop in a pair of Jeffrey West shoes, I would plump for one of the YMC Fairisle jumpers or that stunning John Smedley Merdian stripe, plus a nice contrast scarf, how about a Barbour Cardinal tartan I think red, or the YMC plum or one of the Howlin by Morrison ones.

Yes that’ll do it.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Tuck into these boots

STRAIGHT out of Compton, well Hollywood anyway and Gourmet NFN shoes are a real five star success capturing a real mix of where they are from.

The hotch-potch can be seen in these shoes with smatterings of Italian style and American culture, vivacious colours and superb angles and cuts which evoke a real sense on modern luxury.

They are both laidback, but show a real sense of finite detailing, at the same time.

The 21 black papyrus duck boot smack of spats in the use of double toned leather, with a light tan upper, contoured with a black bottom and white sole.

The vulcanized rubber sole, with a full leather uppers and pigskin lining makes this boot nothing if not stand-out.

For someone of my age, 23, oh OK 43, these boots rekindle a look in to the future you may have felt with 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The fabulous colour selections and the use and finish of the leather tones is really unusual and forward looking in its feel, esthetic and style.

The second boot on offer is the 21 brown boot, which is a one colour boot, offering a black sole, with two leather panel finish, and a rubber duck sole toe as featured on the Papyrus.

The boots have to be seen to be truly understood, they remind me of amphibious craft and a variety of things that are both known and unknown.

I may sound like I am struggling to put these boots into words, but when you listen to some of the superlatives used by Gourmet themselves you will see it’s not just me and I quote; ‘Gourmet is both high and low, style forward yet familiar, chic and gauche. ‘Each piece possesses an understated complexity that underlies Gourmet’s high concept DNA’.

See it’s not just me is it!

Either way, Gourmet boots are feast of delights, sorry, but I had to get some cheesy pun in there didn’t I.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Jumper to it then ...

SYNONYMOUS with their quality jackets and outdoor wear, Barbour have jumped to it with their latest jumper ranges.

The new Jacquared jumpers are a superb combination of countryside style and quality with some quality designs showing one man and his dog and his gun.

On anyone else these may look odd, but as it’s a Barbour it goes hand in hand.

The Moor hand cardigan is part of the Heritage range, with shawl neck and chunky knitted wool finish, with two front pockets.

Coming in slim fot the jumper comes in black and cream colours and a green and navy blue with split arm finish and green shawl collar.

These are a great piece and perfect for the cold months ahead.

The Stockman crew neck jumpers are a subtle one colour garment coming in dark stone or navy, there are fabulously simple. This is the perfect example of the devil being in the detail, the subtle wool finish, enhances the rib bottom and comes with elbow pads.

Following the jumpers up are the superb Blyth check shirts.

Hard wearing superbly made, these combine that perfect style and durability of the label.

The red check shirt comes in woven cotton, with a contrast corduroy collar and trimming. The oversized wooden buttons are a delight. Two chest pockets and arm pads finish off a cracker of a shirt.

The Corbridge dark brown shirt comes with a contrast collar in beige corduroy, this is possible the nicest check pattern I have ever seen, it comes with the same elbow patches and also comes in slim fit.

Quality all-round.

Jumper to it then …

Friday, 14 October 2011

Out in style

OK, so they are not the same jackets at all, but it just seemed right to put them in the same blog.

Read on, it will all make sense ...

The new Barbour Enduro Steve McQueen jacket is something special. As a part of the lifestyle collection after one of the most stylish men of all time, the leather jacket, with Barbour red tartan inner, with an original McQueen print adorning the lining.

The slim fit jacket with buckle neck fastener and zip and button front, with pleated bellow pockets. The jacket ouses style, and comes in a variation in the waxed charcoal Greenham jacket.

Not as premium as the leather, the Greenham is a lot of jacket for the price.

With a Steve McQueen inner print, the waxed coat has two bellow pockets on the front, with a zip chest pocket on the left.

The neck fastener is a racer detail, with double stud fastening, along with a logo on the left arm. The jacket is also part of the McQueen lifestyle collection.

So on to the down Explorer coat, the link was only weak as I consider someone like McQueen to have been a bit of an adventurer/explorer himself, pushing back boundaries, the Explorer seemed to fit right in alongside that.

This full length quilted jacket boasts a detachable hood, button and zip fastening on the front, where four pockets, two chest, two bottom with large flap covers.

Sporting branded buttons throughout, the detachable/adjustable hood gives the coat a two-use style with a contrast inner.

Also part of the Lifestyle range but not the McQueen one, this coat along with the others are something special, timeless you could say.

Becoming synonymous for this timeless style as much as his films, McQueen also symbolises Persol sunglasses and can be easily tied into labels such Common People and Penguin.

Well he isn't the King of Cool for nothing is he ...

Barbour - Back with a bang

CLASSIC stylish, simply superb, that’s Barbour jackets and the new Liddesdale andInternational jackets are no different.

The patchwork Liddesdale is part of the Heritage range is from the basic country collection, slim fit heritage style, the coat sports corduroy collars and pocket trims.

Two front pockets, with a nice slant styling and a button front fastening, along with studded side vents make this normal coat a lovely piece.

The black Union Jack International is a motorcyle coat, with superb Union Jack lining, it has zip and button storm fly front it has stud adjustable collar and sleeves, with the deliious buckle belt fastener on the front as well.

This jacket has remained since its original concept in the 1930s and just one look at it tells you why.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

The jacket has that ‘must have one of those’ feel to it, or 'Something to aim at', as the late British road cyclist Tom Simpson would have said, the International harks back to days of holiday motorcycling posters while adding a modern touch that ensures it will be around for a similar time period.

The Chelsea quilted jacket is in the same line as the Liddesdale, preffering a high buttoned collar to the corduroy touches of the other, is comes a in lovely light grey, with front pocket flaps and a zip pocket above the righthand front pocket.

Slim fit, this is a lovely version on a theme.


Some things keep their class - Chevignon

TIMES do change, some things with the word Chevi or Chevy, if you are a Yank, in just do not cut the mustard anymore. Chevrolet, that staple American muscle car no longer makes muscle cars, just look at the hit movie Drive to see the Impala. I wouldn’t drive that and I’ve driven a Skoda.

Also Chevy Chase, what sort of films has he been in recently? Well, none is the answer, but Chevignon, see what I did there?, that classic lebal just keeps producing the goods.

The new range of puffa, Tog jackets is living proof that class is permanent and if you keep doing things well, your name will remain.

The three new jackets smack of Italian football stadia, and fans, the Tiffosi with the combinations of grey, black and white being used to perfect effect.

The New York jacket is part of the Jacques Shu collection and is a reissue of the 1990s jacket.

This is a very limited edition garment with just 100 issues being available worldwide. The main body of this little cracker, which sports TC on the front with the Chevignon logo just above it, is leather with mixed fabric detachable arms, the two pocket down jacket, which also sports the logo on the back has an American college jacket feel, with its short collar which is grey and black trimmed as are the cuffs and waist.

Securing the jacket is a zip and button fastener. All very nice indeed.

The Capri coat has an unusual pinstripe print on the body, with black lamb leather shoulder patches and the logo on the chest and back.

The neck on the Capri is a higher buttoned fastened number and it is once again a very limited run and also a reissue from the 90s range. Two front pockets and detachable sleeves or arms, make this a really unusual edition, I have seen a jacket quite like this and with only 100 on offer, it is likely I will not see many again.

The Unlimited down jacket is not a reissue and is reminiscent of the classic puffa, quilted down front styling in navy with beige lamb leather shoulder patches.

Button and zip fastening on the front, which sports two side pockets the higher neck in the same vein as the Capri coat.

All the jackets would be a quality edition to any wardrobe, just hurry that’s all.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Bag-daddy?

EVERYTING is so Swede at the moment, especially the new Sandqvist bags that have arrived in Shepherds Bush.

Produced to the highest specifications, the manufacturers who specialise in leather and tote bags have made the backpack a really sexy item to own.

Straight out of Stockholm, Sandqvist’s STIG rucksack, which comes in red and a light green are so stylish it makes you want to take to Fjords or the hills at least.

The canvas bag, which can hold up to a 13” laptop comes with no lining and one inside pocket with the main body held secure with thick, vegetable tanned leather straps. The bag is simple, but classic in design. Making it timeless really.

The Roald bag, which comes in both khaki and blue, utilizes the simple lines of the rucksack to full effect, with two tan topped outer pockets, zip fastened, and one main body pocket inside, with a tanned vegetable leather strap.

The blue or navy bag colouring is a nice cotton relaxed blue and combines the lather tanned sections well. The bags hark back to the days of our youth and could be seen at home outdoors anywhere as well as on the high street.

Completing the bags on offer is the iconic sailor holdall bag.

This 30-litre sack, has tanned leather and rope straps, plus a neat zip at the back to ensure easy entry. I know a few girls like that, but that’s another story.

The adjustable strap means the bag, which comes in navy, can be used as a shoulder bag or rucksack. So stylish, multi-purpose and beautifully made, not a bad all-round package then!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Bag man returns

According to the Urban Dictionary description: ‘It’s in the bag means: I’ve got it won. The deal is closed’.

Well for the new combination satchel from Supremebeing and Cambridge Satchel Company, it definitely is.

The superb, neh, supreme bags hark back to school days with a vintage look, including one front pocket an address pocket and a full leather strap.

The navy and brown strap combination in the 15 inch full leather bag works wonderfully, but if you fancy something a little bit more outrageous then the yellow mix bag is for you.

This little treat combines black, main body, with yellow handle and straps and brown facing plate.

Two of the countries coolest brands have made a cool bag/satchel for winter.

Nice one.