Friday, 16 September 2011

The numbers are definitely Dunderdon

ALRIGHT Sweden, clean air, expensive beer, cracking looking women, a liberal attitude to porn, well at least the stuff my brother used to hide under his bed, a bit of ABBA and boxey cars, I have a feeling I have been down this road before haven’t I? But Dunderdon clothes, and company started by a carpenter, well it all sounds bit too fishy to me.

So after further investigation I have found a palace of glittering delights as far as well designed garments manufactured with love and attention to detail are concerened and all this kicked off in 1997.

Hagberg is the man behind this little venture in the famous old port of Gothenburg and the word ‘timeless’ is used to proudly describe their approach to manufacturing some pretty special garments. Well the time is nigh, because Dunderdon has landed in Shepherds Bush and Stuarts, thank fully.

The two shirts SH45 on offer are classic check patterns, the first in brown with double pockets, Italian collars, coming in flannel with a regular fit, while the second holds the same classic check in blue, both long sleeve.

Both simply given numbers, how Swedish is that?

The ‘Dud’ grey fleece track top is anything but a dud, this is simple, perfection as far as a fleece top with high collar and zip fastener is concerned.

Returning to the numbers the KN28, which uses the fabulous word Camo (green) to describe the styling is a jumper I have dreamed about for years, simply beautiful. A high ribbed v-neck regular fit jumper which comes in an 80 per cent Lambswool nylon mix. Trust me this is a special piece. Is it acceptable to love a garment? God I hope I am not getting too weird.

Now crowning glory of this current range is the parka, god I love a parka, OK, I will stop all this loving stuff now before I scare you, myself or anyone else.

The J38 canvas navy parka is a delight zip abd button fastening, with a removable hood, the jacket boasts rope adjustors in the hood and waist, it also boasts two chest pockets and two front pockets and is something truly special, doubled up with the jumper and Oh My God …

Right I am off to get some tissues …

Only joking.