Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Team work always pays off

There are sometimes you cannot quite believe your eyes when a team up is so perfect it literally makes you drool with anticipation and your heart skip with excitement.

Bowles and Marsh, Gin and Tonic, Batman and Robin, bangers and mash, you get my drift.

Well the team up for this winter that is sure to break all the rules is the team up of two of England’s finest design houses Fred Perry and 6876.

I am honestly blown away by the prospects of this collab, the original revolutionary designers in Kenneth MacKenzie’s 6876, plus the label that has dressed anyone worth their salt from old Albion, whilst achieving independence of style despite mass popularity in Perry, the boundaries seem limitless.

Both labels seem to have the same unwritten rule when it comes to approach of design and life, avoiding trends, making a statement and creating clothes that have ‘clothing with design, longevity and quality’.

In the words of McaKenzie it is a collabaration between the ‘original outsiders’ and it will see the return of garments long thought gone, giving a new market of fashionistas the opportunity to tred some iconic if not well worn footsteps.

In there words; ‘At the core of the range is the classic Fred Perry Shirt in pique cotton and merino in short and long sleeves in an Autumn palette of Navy, grey and oatmeal.

Other key pieces include the iconic 6876 modernist made-in-London Carcoat from circa 1999, two classic 6876 shirt styles, a merino crew neck, and a Scottish made split roll-neck lambswool jumper. All styles feature the brands signature architectural line and cut and all are perfect examples of the 6876 design manifesto’.

Anyone who has not witnessed the single beauty that is 6876 designs are in for a life changing treat and anyone who is a supporter of the icon that is Fred Perry are set for a step into a world of wonder. Get set for, the revolution starts here and unlike Gil Scott Heron said, this one will not be televised, just worn with true style.

England Expects, and this winter it is going to deliver