Friday, 26 August 2011

A Swede touch with Gram

DO you remember Monkey Boots? That unusual combination of lines and sole that made it in many ways unlike anything else, but smacking of everything else, check out Gram Footwear for the same sort of feelings, they are really quite something.

Coming out of Stockholm from Alexis Holm and Anna Stenvi, Gram are something special a delight to look upon, and will appeal across a wide spectrum, from indie kids to those in the know when something just has great attention to detail and it breaking new boundaries.

As co-founder Gram said: “There is something familiar about our shoes, yet they do not look like anything previous. The idea was that they should feel as though they have always existed, just as new in their look as they are classic in their style.”

Tight jeans, flared jeans, cords will all look superb with these little fells when they arrive at Stuarts in the coming months. They are a perfect fit with new labels such as heritage research (coming end of August/September), YMC, Universal Works and classics such as Carhartt t-shirts, Suit, Denham, Ma.Strum and Garbstore.

Describing the boots won’t do them much justice, just have a look and feast your eyes. The only thing I am going to say is I really like the labeling of the shoes through their weight, which is to tie in the sum of the shoes parts and the parts of what it is, that’s from those crazy Swedes not me, but it does make perfect sense.