Friday, 26 August 2011

High Volta rock and roll

THEY know a thing or two those crafty Italians and they have taken history and thrown it on its head with a new brand on the block in Volta.

The footwear breaks all the rules producing a casual shoe, with a boot styling and is one of those products that gets you saying: ‘oh yea that’s like, oh and that’s like’, but in truth they are not like anything else.

The thin lacing and use of nylon at the back on the generally leather boot breaks all norms. Classed as a ‘hybrid’ shoe, this really is multi-purpose, you can combine easily with denim, chino also smarter trousers such as Dockers, Universal Works, J Lindberg or the Carhartt washed trouser would all fit superbly.

As for denim, it depends on what colour Volta boot/shoe you choose, they are available at present in Madras blue, brown and black, but I would got for a dark denim such as Edwin try the ED39-201 or Denham Cutter jeans, any classic dark jean would fit beautifully the Lee 101 rider jean is another winner I think, but as with the Volta itself, the mixing of styles is the perfect choice.

The shoes sport a rubber sole, leather lining and upper, this really is a perfect Italian Job.