Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Make space it's SALE time

FOUND my mind rushing this morning, struggling to focus correctly and dig out simple answers. The questions? What clothes would my girlfriend not miss as I was throwing them out of the wardrobe?

I had managed to lob the shoes without much thinking about it, she surely only need two pairs of shoes, one for work and one for the bedroom, but I found myself struggling with the tops and dresses and other bits and bobs.

Why am I doing this? Well to makes room for all the extra smutter I am buying at the Stuarts sale.

So I made an executive decision and binned all her crap to make space, well in some cases there is as much as 70 per cent off some of my favourite designers.

John Smedley tops at less than half price in some cases, got my mouth watering, and Levi Vintage range massively reduced.

Clarks Originals, Dr Martens and Grenson are also available at unbelievable prices, with more ranges being added all the time. Fred Perry Authentic, Clae shoes, bloody hell it's a massacre and I want in one it.

With my pulse racing I have now cleared out the clothes cupboards, what does she need jeans and socks for?

The main thing that has caught my eye about the sale is that any of the reduced items will not be being restocked, so it's a last chance saloon really.

They are all here though YMC, Garbstore, Adidas Originals, Ma.Strum, Barbour, Original Penguin.

I am now hyperventilating, J Lindberg, Gabicci, Penfield, Luke 1977, Lavenham, Ellesse Heritage, Pretty Green, Slazenger, Fila, Lacoste, Dockers and as for the trainers Diadora, Adidas and Puma.

So the cat has been chucked out as well, that bed it never sleeps in is precious space for trainers. I am just being realistic here, give a guy a break.

So the spare room has been cleared out, why do women buy Christmas presents so early in the year?

There is no need for it and so no need for them at the moment. Now where else? There must space for the Baracuta stuff, oh I see that Edwin and Pringle are in there as well, Universal Works, Gloverall and Farah, right that makes my mind up for me, the luggage can go and that big box of photos she has got, she doesn't look at them!

Hurry though guys, the sale is sure to be busy and once they've gone, they've gone, just like all the crap she used to have in her house. I could change the keys, she takes up a lot of room as well ...