Friday, 24 June 2011

Den there was one jeans design

THERE is a song by Cypress Hill that features the line: Coming out blasting like Yosemite Sam’ and that is exactly the feeling you get when you listen to the words of intent from Denham Jeans creator and visionary Jason Denham.

The Dutchman, how launched his label in 2002 and has recently set up shop in London’s Shoreditch, sounds clarion calls with comments such as: The Jeanmaker’ ‘A label built on experimentation and resourceful innovation’ and that the he has: “modest and sincere resolve to resist compromise. For Denham the ‘Truth’ really is ‘in the detail’.

The words of many can ring hollow, but when you look at the garments on offer you understand that the designer and his label are talking and dealing with reality. In short, these jeans are sensational.

The Cutter Okura Blast jeans come in a delightful dark stone washed and a dark denim finish, providing five pockets and a extra large belt line, the jeans are tailored inside the waistband as well, and boast a ‘seven point’ back pocket. The front smaller or ‘jonny’ pocket as I prefer to call it, has a further inside button pocket and the knee of the jeans features a lighter ‘compression’ on the denim.

Both designs have lovely drop pockets on the front, which give the jeans are longer languid feel.

The dark denim do not come with the alteration in colour that the stone wash do, but will surely in time create their own marble style effect. They do of course highlight the stitching to a greater degree though, which gives each style its own particular nuance.

Coming in a slim fit, these jeans look and are hand crafted, they just ooze class and tradition and are simple sexy if you ask me.