Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Brits are coming

THER really is a truth in the ‘Move over Hollywood the Brits are coming’ label that was so proudly attached to the arrival of the cult movie Trainspotting all those years ago, but this time it is not Hollywood’ that needs to stand up and take note, it is the world of fashion, because Brit Kit is It this coming winter.

The move towards British textiles, fabrics, design and tailoring has been gathering pace throughout the last few years and now it is reaching a resurgent peak with numerous labels being pinpointed as trail blazers.

Two of those names are Garbstore and Heritage Research and both label’s 2011 winter ranges are coming to a clothes shop near you. Shepherds Bush and Stuarts to be precise and this blogger for one cannot wait.

The Garbstore garments, which will land in August are high quality, ‘homage’ pieces if the Chambray shirt is anything to go by, with it denim and cloth mix pattern design, which is sure to be a must have when partnered with a cardigan, say a nice John Smedley, Universal Works, Luke 1977 or Fred Perry if you want to stay True Brit or Penguin, Pringle et al if you just want the look.

The shirt has a mainly denim body with a fabulous Fair Isle shoulder design to ensure it stands out. Pointed and outline stitched colours along with the same stitch usage on the two front pockets makes this shirt bristle with seventies soul feel, while remaining modern in design and style. Although Garbstore garments are already available at Stuarts, the new winter range is a real statement form the menswear label started in the UK in 2001.

The guys at Heritage Research, which will land in September, have been holding their own for a short while now, with the new 2011 range being based on a homage to ‘American Servicemen’ returning home form World War II. So superb checked heavy print shirt, tonal pockets of heavy cloth on jackets (Deer Hunter style), all with a thoroughly modern twist to ensure they fit in perfectly with any man about towns wardrobe. It is not just ‘feel the quality’ here, HR has brought back the craft to cloth manufacturing. They label a 'Creator amongst Followers’ is just about on the money, so be prepared to follow this winter.