Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Top boys, top gear

YOU have to hand to the lads behind 80s Casuals, they helped instigate a reimergence of the football casual scene with ceaseless advertising through interviews on the subject and new they have launched another exciting new range of T-shirts for summer.

Using iconic 80s movie screen imagery in the range of shirts, which have moved away from the absolute Casuals styles of before, to take on the feeling and emotion of the time, the Warriors shirt, features the face of Swan, Warrior’s gang leader, who is landed with the task of getting the gang home to Coney Island safely.

The shirt uses the names of all the gangs on the chest, with the immortal line; ‘These are the armies of the night’, along with the New York subway line plate on the back in between the shoulders.

The shirt comes in white and is a generous fit, well even old Casuals put on weight.

The 100 per cent cotton shirts also boast the 80s Casual logo on the arm.

The second movie based shirt, comes with the classic line from the Who track: 5.15, ‘Out of my Brain’ and features a cheeky image of ‘ace face’ Jimmy from Quadrophenia played by Phil Daniels.

The white crew neck T-shirt features 80s Casuals inscribed on the back again between the shoulders. The front image sees Jimmy sitting in a MOD target.

The last of the screen dream shirts is the iconic Anthony Burgess book: Clockwork Orange. The cartoon image used on the navy blue shirt is from the original book cover and steers away from the film, thankfully in my opinion.

The shirt boasts 80s Casuals and the term Second to None, in yellow text with a orange outline, above and below the head image of Alexander de Larch, the head Droog in the story.

Not leaving the terraces for too long, 80s Casuals have also released a London-centric Euston Station shirt, which comes in white or navy. The image on the front is classic 80sC, with two well dressed young hooligans, Deer Stalker hats and Osti winter coats standing in the doorway of a train, with the catchline ‘In every street, In every station’.

All the shirts come with a ribbed collar.

One noticeable omission from the new ‘film’ range of shirts is the classic dictionary description; ‘Youth culture evolving throughout the 80s, known to have a liking for expensive designer wear, trainers and the odd confrontation’.

As with life, everything evolves, and the new 80s Casuals range is evolving nicely.