Thursday, 26 May 2011

Taking back the Terraces

THERE is always a world of contradictions, claims and counter claims when it comes to stating who was or is the Top Boy on the terraces, but there is one new Top Boy who is attempting to run the show and any opposition brave enough to come toe to toe with it, in the fashion stakes anyway, could be in for a rough ride.

Terrace Productions, a new British brand is more of a statement of fact in as much as these garments are something special, made the right way, oh and of course; Made in England.

Taking the Wax Field jackets, coming in yellow, green and beige, all lighter shades of the colours, pastel if you like. Made using British Millerain waxed cotton the hooded piece boasts five pockets, plus one inside, this fully weather proofed coat has a detachable hood, with button fasteners, piping detail that looks as special from the front as it does from the back.

The wax finish gives the jacket a loose hang, which enables a light weighted look.

The Bellow coats which come in a light yellow and navy is a more standard feel, don't misread what I am saying, these jackets are stunning, they just rely on the form of the coat which is a longer hang, with two bellow pockets at the bottom, large six button fastenings on the front and cord hood fastener. The hood is not detachable giving it a high neck finish and buttons fasten the sleeves and the pockets. Made using Italian drill material, this jacket is set to be a classic.

The Mountain parka which comes in burgundy is a real hat tipper to the classic fish tail parka of old, utilising all the best design touches synonymous with the cult coat, this Ventile, riri zip fastened coat is like a trip down memory lane with a completely new finish.

The two pocket coat, sports a longer back similar to the iconic fish tail, has wooden toggles, god I love wooden toggles, to fasten it, which also has cord ties, along with the corded hood, plus buttons to fasten the bellow style pockets and cuffs.

You would just want any of these in your wardrobe it is as simple as that. The classic mac rounds of the outer wear range and adds a little touch of MOD finishing to the range.

The weather proof jacket boasts two large external pockets, cut into the body of the coat, classic Mac style, along with the covered placket at the front with stitch detailing to the inside of the collar, which when turned up gives the jacket a different look and feel.

There are many links to classic designs and pieces such as Osti and YMC and it is safe to say TP are not reinventing the wheel, but having started in 2008 as a fledgling company, Terrace Productions is making a statement.

Everything about this range smacks of class and is another example of how England is delivering once again, raising the stakes of design, quality and fashion.