Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Summer of tears remembered with style by Adidas

IT’S funny how despite the protestations of everyone that life is shit and we are all doomed something as simple as the release of a new pair of trotters and the end of the working month, meaning pay day, lifts the clouds away.

Well, it is that time again as the German trainer gods Adidas have launched the Etrusco as part of its Originals range and bingo as if by magic, no not the shop keeper eppears, but the sun comes out.

The shoe, coming in navy and burgundy were made for the summer as the name’s original release was to coincide with the summer of Gazza and Toto Schillaci as the match ball for the Italia ’90 world cup.

‘Have a look at him’ Gary Lineker, fingers gesturing to towards his eyes, oh the agony and ecstasy of that bloody summer in Italy, where Robson’s England boys finished as Semi Finalists, before the ball went on to tbe used at Euro 1992 in Sweden, but the less said about that the better, unless you are Danish of course.

The name Etrusco Unico was the balls full moniker and comes from ancient Italian history and the fine art of the Etriscan race, but for us is come in the sharp design of the trainer which has be launched to not only remember that classic time of sporting life, but also to add a bit more Adi style to the high street this summer.

The canvas and suede trim trainer, comes with a white non-marking sole, the classic three stripes and the Tre Foil badge on the back of the heal, which is set to one side and the name Etrusco on the outer side also in gold.

The shoe has a higher ankle giving it a raised profile the superb stitching on the toe front criss-cross pattern smacks of the Unico ball blasted into the net so smoothly by Gary Lineker and David Platt or so far over by Chris Waddle.

The first wave of these shoes are sure to become one to keep, there just seems to be a lot more to this shoe than with general Adidas releases, the cut in from the shoe midway down the sole is a lovely touch, only really appreciated from above, but it is these nice touches that make this such a nice shoe.

The gold lettering on the tongue, which has a nice perforation detail is lovely, in fact the whole shoe is just that a lovely addition to any collection.

The sole, which uses the same styling as the recently released Ciero ST range, minus the colouring, this shoe uses pure white to enhance the colouring of the top of the shoe and when you see it you will realise why. Something special this summer has arrived, so show you’ve got balls and get on these trotters as fast as you can or you could be left in tears like Gazza.