Thursday, 26 May 2011

Keep cool, very cool this summer

IT was the single most ostentatious lifestyle in 1980s TV history. The Ferrari 308 GTS; the Rolex GMT Master watch, the helicopter, the incredible 200-acre pad called Robin’s Nest nestling on the Hawaiian coastline and that moustache, but what really was the iconic image of Magnum PI’s life?

Yes … it has to be the Hawaiian shirts, the audacious colouring and patterns were like a reflection of the characters carefree life and stood opposed when compared to his English estate manager Jonathan Quayle Higgins III stuffy look.

Well with the summer cut off shorts and Espadrilles look in full force, along with some cool straw and panama hats, the next step must be the Hawaiian shirt sported by Seleck right?.

Well, now they are here, but be warned they are only available in exclusive venues, but they are much closer to home than packing your stuff for a flight over to the home of Magnum.

The fabulous cotton shirts, handmade in Hawaii from the Paradise Found label, are the exact same shirts worn by the moustachioed crime fighter and are set to be around from June.

Available in four colours you won’t be finding these in the shops, well in two with one of them being Stuarts.

The shirts have a special resonance of a time when the sun seemed to shine all the time, well it always does on TV doesn’t it.

So the look is complete, slip on your Rivieras or a nice Kangol Knot hat, the shades are important to so drop nin a apir of Persols, Carreras or Ray Bans, plus a pair of Levi 506 Standart stone wash cut off jean shorts.

The ‘Palaka’ shirts’ style is known as the Jungle Bird, and is a lightweight pure cotton garment with a wide open neck and of course those amazing prints.

As with that iconic image of Magnum PI on our 80s TV screens, the shirt itself has remained unchanged since conception it has never been altered and never really gone out of style.

Now where are my two Doberman Pinschers I must go for a walk. “Zeus, Apollo”.