Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Get ready to rumble

I’VE heard of terrace wars, but the new ranges from Fila and Sergio are definitely kicking it off this summer and into next season.

The Italian sports stables have upped their game for the summer months, Sergio Tacchini by simply falling back on what it knows best, improving some classic designs and modifying some other, while Fila has stepping into the arena with some much improved quality to its garments and some excellent new statements.

Standing out in the new Tacchini lines comes the Top Flight crew neck T-shirts, which are based on the Base Line track suit tops and polo T-shirts, but are just exceptional in their finish, The navy with white twin stripe across the chest, navy embroidered ST logo is iconic, but the simple addition of a white neck line and arm stripes gives the top a softer edge, similar tops have been released by Pretty Green with their baseball tops, more on those another time, but the tight stylings of the ST make this a true classic.

The band does not stretch right the way across the arms as with the original polo to keep the style going if the arms of the tracksuit top were removed, this garment is purely stand alone, maybe slip on a pair of tennis shorts with this for the look if you want to recruit the good old day, but the shirt stands alone as well.

Also coming in the reverse print, a white shirt with navy blue stripes, the normal fit t-shirt is something special.

The tracksuit tops on offer are also a bit spesh, with the Ghibli Cresp top in Navy with white stripes, no Ghibli is not a made up word, well not by me anyway.

The top is similar to the classic Davis Cup top, minus the words on the back and change the red piping for white and you are somewhere near.

Ribbed collar, waistband and cuffs the contrast stripes on the shoulders and bold ST badge make this a cracker of a summer top. Side pockets come as standard.

The Terrace top that comes in navy sports the stripes on the arms and also has the logo on the cuff of the left sleeve in a rubberised finish. This top a remake of the heritage top from back in the day, did I really just write that? Oh dear.

Anyway the red stripes on the tops of each arm are of course removable well the arms are, and the two zip front which reveal red stripes along the front give you two tops for the price of one.

So while one terrace is sporting the classic new designs, the boys from the Fila end have launched their bid for victory with the Tiebreak top among others. The vintage top sported by both McEnroe and Borg has wonderful stripe collar detail, cuffs and waistband with contrasting shoulder and bottom panels.

The top comes in a softer cotton finish than the ST ones, and of course sport the Fila badge embroidered on the chest.

The top also comes in a colour called Chinese red as opposed the dark peacoat and has contrast grey panels on the bottom.

The range also boasts the BB1 T-shirt which has smaller Italian white collars than on previous T-shirts, this top features the tight red placket with three matching popper fasteners and white banding on the bottom of each arm. A sheer finish on the fabric is of a far higher quality than before, the shirt also sports the double badge BJ style but with the numbers 76 on the furthest badge, the year the shirt was originally released.

The fabric adds a tighter finish to the garment and comes in navy or blue, which is more of an electric blue, with blue collars and white contrast placket and navy banding on the arms.

The Bjorna navy and blue tennis pants also boast a double badge this time with the number 80 on the far badge, along with two red and white contrast stripes on the hip of the trousers just by the pockets. These slim fit pants are a must for any tracksuit fans.

Rounding off the fight with a wining stroke, well everybody knows there is no winner when these two do battle, it is purely a matter of preference, but the Johannesburg Pac-a-Macs are something special indeed.

Coming in navy with contrast red zip, blue with red zip and red with white, all the jackets boast a transparent logo, mesh inner lining and have zip up style fastening.

The two side pockets are double handy when it rains and the shower proof jacket will be a winter most of the year round, with our reliable summer weather.

Each jacket has a contrast lining with the blue sporting a yellow finish, the red has a navy and the navy has a white inner.

So time to take sides and get ready to rumble me thnks.