Monday, 23 May 2011

Ellesse: Taking it to the Top once again

IT'S acted like a who's who for sports personalities and celebrities alike throughout its history and that's exactly what the arrival of the classic sorts label Ellesse was on the football terraces of the 1980s, you know who was whiff they sported the famous half ball logo of the Italian sports brand.

Started in Perugia in 1959 by Leonardo Servado, the label has always stood out with its beautiful use of light and pastel colours, began as a skiwear manufacturer but earned its rightful place in the hearts and wardrobes of any discerning young casual for its tennis garments as well.

The list of tennis legends sponsored by the label is one of the most impressive of any of the classic 'casual' labels with players such as Boris Becker, Guillermo Vilas, Chris Evert and in the modern game Anna Kournikova, along with an association with the greatest boxer of all time Muhammad Ali and one time Bond star Roger Moore. And now with the release of the companies 'Heritage' range anyone in the know will be getting on the Ellesse bandwagon again.

And rightfully so.

The crisp yet soft shy blue colours used on the range of T-shirts, polos and tracksuit tops is nothing short of sublime, I have forgotten how revered the label was and the sort of feelings it engenders in lovers of the label.

Starting with the tracksuit tops the Capriati clematis blue top is one hell of a place to kick things off from.

The ribbed sky blue colours, cuff and neck tops comes in a crisp blue with two contrast sky blue bands on both arms. Sporting the large half ball logo on the right chest and the name on the right arm.

The Carlsson top is a remake of the classic Boris Becker top again with ribbed sky blue collars, cuffs and waistband. The slim fit top has contrasting top and bottom panels, with white trim over shoulder detailing, and the logo and badge separated on either chest, and two side pockets. This is an iconic garment that has stood the test of time.

The Marcos top comines in sky blue and clematis as well, but is more of a hybrid jacket, with its white band across the chest dividing the contrast panels of sky blue bottom and clematis shoulders, with ribbed waistband and cuffs, but the top also features a hooded windrunner and sports the logo on the outside of the arms, alng with a superb logo filled inner.

The colour banding of the tops are replicated in the T-shirts, the crew neck shirts such as the Holladay which comes in sky blue and resounds of the 80s with the large blue outline logo across the chest and on the edge of the right arm is a nice simple entry into the range with blue neck and arm bands. I love the simplicity of these tops and the contrast white with navy finishings make these are classic shirt.

The Barker shirt is the daddy of this range in my opinion combining large contrast panels or navy, clematis, white and sky and the divided logos across the chest. Put simply, this is a head turner.

The range of tops come with a clematis track suit pant, which although attached to the Carlsson top will sit perfectly with the others as well and sport the written logo on the top of the left leg.

The T-shirts for the range vary in styling, some are classically simple, some 'peacock' like the track suit tops utilising the pastel colourings.

The Blanco shirt is so subtle in its lines and finishes they can almost be missed. The mainly white body shirt with three button placket sports a combined logo on the chest, it has sky blue collar and sleeves, with a contrast blue on the sides of the body, with dark blue piping on the collar and sleeves. Inside the collar is a nice touch, with Ellesse lettering running along the inside.

Giving the turned up colour another edge.

The skiing influences can be seen in the use of grey in the shirts and tracksuit tops named Alfonso, Fernandez, Munoz and Minoso.

The Fernadez 'ice grey' polo is simply a soft grey shirt with beautiful organ piping on the arms and collar, split logo, and a covered placket with an embroidered logo at the bottom. The shirt is all subtle and hidden touches. The sweat pant style of the Minoso sweatshirt, the logo is on the split style again, with it also embroidered on the left cuff.

If you could make a sweatshirt stylish Ellesse has done it and pants come in the same soft grey with split logo on either leg and orange lining in the two pockets. With elasticated waist and legs.

The final piece of this drool fest, for now anyway, is the Alfonso track top which is a looser fit than the sweat shirt, and has an orange zip fastener with a beautiful two button neck fastener and hood. Again using the logo split his a is a subtle but stylish piece.

There is plenty more available and plenty more to come, the summer's subtle style is here.