Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Croc bites back

I often wonder how designers feel that some garments can be improved on, something so classic as the Lacoste polo say, is surely the iconic garment for summer, so how does an icon up its game?

In the case of the French manufacturer you tweak that icon and deliver something as lovely and classic as the Live range of t-shirts and then support it with a stunning range of other polo and crew neck t-shirts and some summer trunks, that bring the icon back to life.

The Blooper shirt for example adds rather than detracts, to enable its difference from the classic chemise, choosing a three button placket, the increased crocodile badge and stripes on the collars and sleeves.

Simple touches, but enough, the fit is slim as well, a world away form the original.

The subtle stripes for example on the black or noir shirt have a Fred Perry styling feel about them, very mod, with the crocodile badge being a white outline of the iconic image, meaning the colour of the badge is the same as the shirt on some, but not on others such as the white shirt, which comes with a delicious red and blue stipe design and a light grey croc badge.

The longer placket has a cross stitch at the base drawing out the chest of the shirt much more.

The Blooper comes in black, French blue, and white, while the Live or Bakari shirts, which has the classic same colour two button placket and has a fitted style, comes in woven cotton and has alleger and contrast coloured croc badge. The shirt owes a lot to the original and is the start of Lacoste's attempts to move the brand towards a 'new era'. But the slim fit of the Live shirt means it looks completely different, while holding on to it's heritage.

On the blue or shirt, the badge is pink, while on the black shirt the badge is alight blue, while the green shirt has a silver croc. The impact of these new colour scheme and sublet design changes has to be seen to be believed, because it really is amazing and defines a new era already.

As for the rest of the range, well I will be back with that little lot of stunning styles, this summer really is going to be filled with Gallic flair it seems.