Sunday, 3 April 2011

Submarine follows cult Duffle line

I WAS just perusing the current movie's on offer and sadly it seems the silver screen has completely failed to bring any new looks or styles so it seems.

Not only are the films poor, but the fashions are paucit at best, except that is for British flick that looks set become a cult classic and adheres to some cult styles as well.

You would expect us Brits to come up with something stylish wouldn't you and in Submarine, the new movie following the trials and tribulations of Oliver Tate, played by Craig Roberts, are nicely wrapped up in a duffle coat.

The staple coat of generations of well dressed young men look excellent in the film and will surely lead to a rise in its appearance on the high street, well I hope so anyway.

So what better place to start than with Gloverall the heritage mark of duffle coats, chosen by the Royal Navy as a staple piece in the Senior Service, Servicemen's attire and if anything wore the Made in England badge more appropriately then I don't know what it is.

The duffle comes in three colours, complete with standard design traits, the wooden toggle, hood and rope loop detailing.

Essential since the 1960s the Gloverall coat plays delicious games with finite design alterations. Starting out with the 3105Kox which comes in Khaki, this mid-length coat had four rope toggle fastenings a buttoned collar tab and a fixed rope cape, along with an adjustable inner hood fastener, for when things get a bit stormy on the terraces.

100 per cent cotton the garment comes with two large patch pockets to the front lower, a single inner pocket, two top vents on the front and adjustable cuffs designed, as with the hood adjuster to ensure comfort and protection from the elements.

Slightly stockier in build with higher fitted toggle and rope fasteners on the front the 3107 DW jacket is much more in keeping with the heritage duffle, coming as it does though in a wax coated finish.

The wind cheater style adjustable hood gives the DW more of street style, boasting two outer pockets this is part of the SS11 collection and is pretty near fabulous.

The classic 512 coat that comes in tan and navy is simply 'THE' coat of the range. It is like an E-Type Jaguar, in as much as it is dripping with sixties style.

Knee length with 'pancake' adjustable hood and a detachable throat tab this coat is a real treat on the eye with its sublime fitted aesthetics.

Large side pockets with flaps a fixed shoulder cape ensure this coat wears the Made in England badge deservedly.

Coming in a wool mix, it is the detailing on this coat that stands out, I am actually in love with this coat. It seems appropriate that a cult British movie, that will live long in the memory should chose such a cult British garment that already has lived long in the memory.