Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Oneupmanship? The boot is on the other foot now

IN THE iconic 1960s Ealing Comedy School for Scoundrels starring the legendary Terry-Thomas, Ian Carmichael and Alastair Sim, the real need for oneupmanship is analysed to hilarious effect.

The poor put upon Carmichael struggles to find a way to level the playing field with Thomas, the aim of which was to win the girl of his dreams.

Well although it may not win you the girl of your dreams, the value of being a head of the pack is proved with the Limited Edition Filson collaboration with Sebago shoes.

The cult shoe manufacturer, who reset the horizon of deck shoes are now going someway towards rearranging the tough wearing boot, with their new inline collection. The boot, which boasts Vibram rubber soles smacks of the American military style boot spotted in the Vietnam films, but the boot, which is waterproof has a multi-panelled style that really makes it stand out from the pack.

The nine brass eyelets and side lace ties mean the boot, which has a padded inner top, ensures comfort and fit. The boot simply says it is ready for business.

As with the superb line-up with some of the comedy gets of the time in SFS, the new inline collection brings together two iconic American design labels utilising Filson's durable cloth used for superb durability, well marry up the Seattle-based companies cloth with Sebago's waterproof leathers and you know what you are going to get.

The handsewn, Vibram outsoles and leather laces make these boots ready to take on any conditions, from the harshest of winter to the wettest of summers.

Dropping these in with a Penfield shirt, I can see the Flitton rose shirt, which sees the label join forces with Gitman Bros, working perfectly, or dive across with a pair of Dockers, with the tan and lighter olive hues of the boot standing out superbly against the K1 limited edition 1940s Chinos in Khaki.

The tough wearing outwear style sits perfectly with the Barbour To Ki jacket range, these stunning panelled and quilted jackets are quite beautiful and were almost made to sit alongside the new collaboration boot.

The universal appeal of these new boots also bring in labels such as Carhartt, dropping in casual t-shirts from the range along with the Carmel slim pants in dark denim, the lines of these jeans will sit nicely with the high finish of the boot, the padded top producing a neat end for tighter jeans such as Lee's Zed slim straights, while wider bottom jeans work well due to the longer front of the panelled boot.

You can see why Sebago have followed this route, moving them into the boot market, and making an immediate statement of intent, which the boot makes on anyones foot.

Coming soon as they say in cinema's, blimey how cinematic is this blog? The boot are only available at limited stockists, and you would expect Stuarts to be one those stockists without question. So keep your eyes peeled.

In the words of Terry-Thomas, they are; 'Bang On'.