Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Dynamic duo strike right chord

SOME things work really well together, peaches and cream, Rolls and Royce, oh well you get me, and so it is with Ma Strum clothing.

The range, which boasts the amalgamation of renowned former Victorinox designer Donrad Duncan and the main man behind the Stone Island label and his own impressive clothing range, Massimo Osti, has foundations stronger and more respected than most labels I can think of.

A simple quote by Duncan, gives you some idea of what to expect: "Whether it is apparel, a timepiece or a vehicle, I have the same expectations – I look for functionality, value and comfort. People want to look and feel good. To feel sexy is defined by the individual and it basically comes down to comfort. If a person is comfortable and confident in what they are wearing, they are going to feel sexy."

Launching its opening range with an Autumn/Winter collection in 2009, the range has proven to be a huge success since then, but then again it would wouldn't it?!

In simple touches you can see the heritage of the label, just look at the compass related badge, and you immediately think of Stone Island, looking at the brightness of colours used on the polo shirts and t-shirts and you immediately think of Osti, and just a quick breeze through the attention to detail and the Swiss stylings of Victorinox stand out.

But don't just cast an eye over Ma Strum physical contact is a must, from the rubber based label to the amazing texture of the fabric on the the polo's this label has so much more than the average garment.

Sticking with the t-shirts, the short sleeved 30s polo shirt is slim fit, with standard ribbed collar, the three button chest plate which has a nice tailored edge to it, sits atop a shirt that has attention to detail written all over it, not literally. The badge is stuck on the shoulder and the shirt comes in four colours a standard navy and white, known as patriot, a lighter green, olive and clutch blue, which has some superb purple and violet hues to it with only the navy and olive coming under the 30s name. The Patriot white shirt has a much tighter cut to it, fitted almost,brining the shoulders slightly higher up to a point.

The plain t-shirts are anything but, with a crew neck, and made using stretch cotton, the slim fit shirts also boast the badge adorning the shoulder and have a very eighties Osti feel to them. The fine cotton finish almost shimmers and hold shape superbly, giving a sculpted look.

The Chambray shirt is high buttoned affair with a loose washed denim colouring to it. The double breast pocket, casual collar, although coming to a point is a mixture of cotton and linen, the lined pocket flaps and contrast stitch detailing are all part of this shirts laid back but upright feel. Once again the embroidered badge on the shoulder shakes the look, contrasting. The oversized seven button front and pockets are nice addition, while the tighter hemmed cuffs are opposing this relaxed feel.

All in all a very nice piece.

The range of jackets are for another time, but suffice to say they smack of this dynamic design duo more than the other garments and are simply sublime. Sorry to leave you wanting more, but that's what Ma Strum have done for me, so here's a little bit of payola.