Thursday, 28 April 2011

Adidas: Dedicated leader of fashion

WHAT makes an Original an original? Well according to the Oxford English dictionary the adjective of the word Original is as follows: present or existing from the beginning; first or earliest: 'the original owner of the house'.

The noun of word states; the earliest form of something, from which copies may be made: 'the portrait may be a copy of the original'.

Both are relevant when it comes to Adidas Originals me thinks, but I prefer the noun.

How many others have copied the German master? And by the looks of the two latest releases in the Original line, they will be rushing to get their pens and papers out to emulate again.

The ST GRO Fresh lemon T-shirt is as the word fresh denotes. the fabulously crisp yellow shirt is eye catching, a great choice of colour, which boasts a maroon emblazoned 'plaque' on the front with the tree foil logo and adidas written under. St is stamped on the right breast of the main logo and also on the back with a superb white tree foil logo ST in letters and a nice curved surround print at the bottom of the garment, with the adidas logo in the middle of the left arm sleeve bottom.

The high hem line stitching is also a very nice attention to detail.

The back logo makes this shirt a 'non-tuck' in number, but who does that anyway?

The normal fit cut makes this perfect for the summer, for both sport and fashion usage, but as a man who has hardly ever used adidas for anything other than looking good, you will excuse me not getting too sweaty in this little number.

The 100 per cent shirt is fabulous, simple as that and lives up to its manufacturers statement as an Original.

The shirt also comes in a GRP green, and has an awesome seventies feel light purple front logo.

The range also boasts a new 'trotter' in the delicious soft suede Ciero ST shoe, which harks back to the skate model shoe of yesteryear.

The cuttingly fresh yellow is also present on the shoe, lining the sole top and the heal and tongue to great effect.

The shoes also feature the has the iconic toe and heal cut out detailing, along with a new diamond pattern on the sole, which is really neat, it also boasts an ST and tre foil logo on the outer sole.

This shoe is all about subtle detailing highlighted against the bright blue and yellow colouring.

Coming in a light grey which gives the suede a brushed effect as well, with a teal green colouring as opposed to the aforementioned yellow and an orange sole, the tongue detailing is more pronounced on the grey shoe, with a larger teal block of colour used.

To say these shoes stand out is an understatement, rather like saying that adidas is an Original, it has always been so much more than that.