Thursday, 28 April 2011

Adidas: Dedicated leader of fashion

WHAT makes an Original an original? Well according to the Oxford English dictionary the adjective of the word Original is as follows: present or existing from the beginning; first or earliest: 'the original owner of the house'.

The noun of word states; the earliest form of something, from which copies may be made: 'the portrait may be a copy of the original'.

Both are relevant when it comes to Adidas Originals me thinks, but I prefer the noun.

How many others have copied the German master? And by the looks of the two latest releases in the Original line, they will be rushing to get their pens and papers out to emulate again.

The ST GRO Fresh lemon T-shirt is as the word fresh denotes. the fabulously crisp yellow shirt is eye catching, a great choice of colour, which boasts a maroon emblazoned 'plaque' on the front with the tree foil logo and adidas written under. St is stamped on the right breast of the main logo and also on the back with a superb white tree foil logo ST in letters and a nice curved surround print at the bottom of the garment, with the adidas logo in the middle of the left arm sleeve bottom.

The high hem line stitching is also a very nice attention to detail.

The back logo makes this shirt a 'non-tuck' in number, but who does that anyway?

The normal fit cut makes this perfect for the summer, for both sport and fashion usage, but as a man who has hardly ever used adidas for anything other than looking good, you will excuse me not getting too sweaty in this little number.

The 100 per cent shirt is fabulous, simple as that and lives up to its manufacturers statement as an Original.

The shirt also comes in a GRP green, and has an awesome seventies feel light purple front logo.

The range also boasts a new 'trotter' in the delicious soft suede Ciero ST shoe, which harks back to the skate model shoe of yesteryear.

The cuttingly fresh yellow is also present on the shoe, lining the sole top and the heal and tongue to great effect.

The shoes also feature the has the iconic toe and heal cut out detailing, along with a new diamond pattern on the sole, which is really neat, it also boasts an ST and tre foil logo on the outer sole.

This shoe is all about subtle detailing highlighted against the bright blue and yellow colouring.

Coming in a light grey which gives the suede a brushed effect as well, with a teal green colouring as opposed to the aforementioned yellow and an orange sole, the tongue detailing is more pronounced on the grey shoe, with a larger teal block of colour used.

To say these shoes stand out is an understatement, rather like saying that adidas is an Original, it has always been so much more than that.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Oneupmanship? The boot is on the other foot now

IN THE iconic 1960s Ealing Comedy School for Scoundrels starring the legendary Terry-Thomas, Ian Carmichael and Alastair Sim, the real need for oneupmanship is analysed to hilarious effect.

The poor put upon Carmichael struggles to find a way to level the playing field with Thomas, the aim of which was to win the girl of his dreams.

Well although it may not win you the girl of your dreams, the value of being a head of the pack is proved with the Limited Edition Filson collaboration with Sebago shoes.

The cult shoe manufacturer, who reset the horizon of deck shoes are now going someway towards rearranging the tough wearing boot, with their new inline collection. The boot, which boasts Vibram rubber soles smacks of the American military style boot spotted in the Vietnam films, but the boot, which is waterproof has a multi-panelled style that really makes it stand out from the pack.

The nine brass eyelets and side lace ties mean the boot, which has a padded inner top, ensures comfort and fit. The boot simply says it is ready for business.

As with the superb line-up with some of the comedy gets of the time in SFS, the new inline collection brings together two iconic American design labels utilising Filson's durable cloth used for superb durability, well marry up the Seattle-based companies cloth with Sebago's waterproof leathers and you know what you are going to get.

The handsewn, Vibram outsoles and leather laces make these boots ready to take on any conditions, from the harshest of winter to the wettest of summers.

Dropping these in with a Penfield shirt, I can see the Flitton rose shirt, which sees the label join forces with Gitman Bros, working perfectly, or dive across with a pair of Dockers, with the tan and lighter olive hues of the boot standing out superbly against the K1 limited edition 1940s Chinos in Khaki.

The tough wearing outwear style sits perfectly with the Barbour To Ki jacket range, these stunning panelled and quilted jackets are quite beautiful and were almost made to sit alongside the new collaboration boot.

The universal appeal of these new boots also bring in labels such as Carhartt, dropping in casual t-shirts from the range along with the Carmel slim pants in dark denim, the lines of these jeans will sit nicely with the high finish of the boot, the padded top producing a neat end for tighter jeans such as Lee's Zed slim straights, while wider bottom jeans work well due to the longer front of the panelled boot.

You can see why Sebago have followed this route, moving them into the boot market, and making an immediate statement of intent, which the boot makes on anyones foot.

Coming soon as they say in cinema's, blimey how cinematic is this blog? The boot are only available at limited stockists, and you would expect Stuarts to be one those stockists without question. So keep your eyes peeled.

In the words of Terry-Thomas, they are; 'Bang On'.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Dynamic duo strike right chord

SOME things work really well together, peaches and cream, Rolls and Royce, oh well you get me, and so it is with Ma Strum clothing.

The range, which boasts the amalgamation of renowned former Victorinox designer Donrad Duncan and the main man behind the Stone Island label and his own impressive clothing range, Massimo Osti, has foundations stronger and more respected than most labels I can think of.

A simple quote by Duncan, gives you some idea of what to expect: "Whether it is apparel, a timepiece or a vehicle, I have the same expectations – I look for functionality, value and comfort. People want to look and feel good. To feel sexy is defined by the individual and it basically comes down to comfort. If a person is comfortable and confident in what they are wearing, they are going to feel sexy."

Launching its opening range with an Autumn/Winter collection in 2009, the range has proven to be a huge success since then, but then again it would wouldn't it?!

In simple touches you can see the heritage of the label, just look at the compass related badge, and you immediately think of Stone Island, looking at the brightness of colours used on the polo shirts and t-shirts and you immediately think of Osti, and just a quick breeze through the attention to detail and the Swiss stylings of Victorinox stand out.

But don't just cast an eye over Ma Strum physical contact is a must, from the rubber based label to the amazing texture of the fabric on the the polo's this label has so much more than the average garment.

Sticking with the t-shirts, the short sleeved 30s polo shirt is slim fit, with standard ribbed collar, the three button chest plate which has a nice tailored edge to it, sits atop a shirt that has attention to detail written all over it, not literally. The badge is stuck on the shoulder and the shirt comes in four colours a standard navy and white, known as patriot, a lighter green, olive and clutch blue, which has some superb purple and violet hues to it with only the navy and olive coming under the 30s name. The Patriot white shirt has a much tighter cut to it, fitted almost,brining the shoulders slightly higher up to a point.

The plain t-shirts are anything but, with a crew neck, and made using stretch cotton, the slim fit shirts also boast the badge adorning the shoulder and have a very eighties Osti feel to them. The fine cotton finish almost shimmers and hold shape superbly, giving a sculpted look.

The Chambray shirt is high buttoned affair with a loose washed denim colouring to it. The double breast pocket, casual collar, although coming to a point is a mixture of cotton and linen, the lined pocket flaps and contrast stitch detailing are all part of this shirts laid back but upright feel. Once again the embroidered badge on the shoulder shakes the look, contrasting. The oversized seven button front and pockets are nice addition, while the tighter hemmed cuffs are opposing this relaxed feel.

All in all a very nice piece.

The range of jackets are for another time, but suffice to say they smack of this dynamic design duo more than the other garments and are simply sublime. Sorry to leave you wanting more, but that's what Ma Strum have done for me, so here's a little bit of payola.

Monday, 4 April 2011

I've got a pocket full of...

Pretty Green a clothing label which is the brain child of Liam Gallagher (Oasis, The Rain, Beady Eye) which sells mod-ish attire which is seemingly inspired by the art scene of the 1960’s.

The label is split into two collections as follows:

Green Label - Casual, Everyday essential pieces.

Black Label - Classic British tailoring with fine fabrics.

The label has taken much critique with many claiming that it’s boring, overpriced and is a slight rip off of Fred Perry, but it’s definatley my cup of tea and I believe that every stylish male should fork out their hard earned cash on one of their pieces.

Here are a few favourites from the SS 2011 range:

Red Harrington Jacket (Vintage Gingham)/Black Label/£200/ Buy Here

White 4 Button Pique Baseball Tee/Green Label/£45/ Buy Here

Purple Wool Polka Dot Scarf/Black Label/£55/ Buy Here

As you can see there is some lovely stuff going on here, and yes, it may burn a hole in your (incredibly stylish) pocket, but let's face's worth selling your cat for.

Also what is more exciting, since May 2010 there has been chitter chatter about mod-father Paul Weller contributing to the line. According to NME, he has been quoted saying:

“It’s just what I like and what I would like to have in my wardrobe really, it’s purely selfish.”

I very much look forward to him being selfish.

Happy shopping.

Over and out.

P.S. It is also worth mentioning that Gallagher's band Beady Eye have released a cover of The Beatles "Across The Universe" and is available to buy for a limited period of time with 62p from each sale going to the Japanese Tsunami Appeal. So if you fancy pleasuring your ears and completing your good deed for the day then Click Here to download.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Submarine follows cult Duffle line

I WAS just perusing the current movie's on offer and sadly it seems the silver screen has completely failed to bring any new looks or styles so it seems.

Not only are the films poor, but the fashions are paucit at best, except that is for British flick that looks set become a cult classic and adheres to some cult styles as well.

You would expect us Brits to come up with something stylish wouldn't you and in Submarine, the new movie following the trials and tribulations of Oliver Tate, played by Craig Roberts, are nicely wrapped up in a duffle coat.

The staple coat of generations of well dressed young men look excellent in the film and will surely lead to a rise in its appearance on the high street, well I hope so anyway.

So what better place to start than with Gloverall the heritage mark of duffle coats, chosen by the Royal Navy as a staple piece in the Senior Service, Servicemen's attire and if anything wore the Made in England badge more appropriately then I don't know what it is.

The duffle comes in three colours, complete with standard design traits, the wooden toggle, hood and rope loop detailing.

Essential since the 1960s the Gloverall coat plays delicious games with finite design alterations. Starting out with the 3105Kox which comes in Khaki, this mid-length coat had four rope toggle fastenings a buttoned collar tab and a fixed rope cape, along with an adjustable inner hood fastener, for when things get a bit stormy on the terraces.

100 per cent cotton the garment comes with two large patch pockets to the front lower, a single inner pocket, two top vents on the front and adjustable cuffs designed, as with the hood adjuster to ensure comfort and protection from the elements.

Slightly stockier in build with higher fitted toggle and rope fasteners on the front the 3107 DW jacket is much more in keeping with the heritage duffle, coming as it does though in a wax coated finish.

The wind cheater style adjustable hood gives the DW more of street style, boasting two outer pockets this is part of the SS11 collection and is pretty near fabulous.

The classic 512 coat that comes in tan and navy is simply 'THE' coat of the range. It is like an E-Type Jaguar, in as much as it is dripping with sixties style.

Knee length with 'pancake' adjustable hood and a detachable throat tab this coat is a real treat on the eye with its sublime fitted aesthetics.

Large side pockets with flaps a fixed shoulder cape ensure this coat wears the Made in England badge deservedly.

Coming in a wool mix, it is the detailing on this coat that stands out, I am actually in love with this coat. It seems appropriate that a cult British movie, that will live long in the memory should chose such a cult British garment that already has lived long in the memory.