Friday, 4 March 2011

The Universal's here ...

They really are a new kid on the block, but still boast a long fashion and design heritage. Universal Works, started in London in 2009 by David Keyte, the label was born out of frustration of the state of men's fashion.

And Keyte has introduced a label that offers something that just fits right in amongst everything else, yes you might say 'has universal appeal'.

With a broad appeal the clothes have a real eighties feel to me, no, not the horrible Miami Vice look, just, well check some of it out, you will see what I mean.

I am going to concentrate on the t-shirts, which have a nice English tie in due to the names of this shirts relating to some of the more beautiful riverside or coastal regions of our fair land, such as Henley and Skegness, yes that was a pun.

The Skegness shirt, which is a polo comes in navy and 'natural' or white to me and you. the shirt is reminiscent of Sunspel in it's open collar feel, but the one button neck shirt.

The collar, or wing collar, is total retro and although slim fitted, the shirt is loos cotton feel that gives the impression of space and add a cool appeal to the garment.

The white shirt is the same, but the finish of the cotton allows the shirt to look softer, lovely.

The Henley shirt maintains links with the area and rowing history it is named after, the collarless shirt has contrast stitching, two button placket and elasticated cuffs. You can almost hear the noise of the Pimms coughing crowds as you look at it.

The shirt comes in natural and blue, a light sky blue that is so soft it almost drifts into white.

Although not named after a British venue, the tennis polo shirt, with three button front and stripe pattern, in dust blue or great, is delicious.

This soft cotton shirt is the sort of shirt you out on in the morning and forget you are wearing it, only to be reminded by passers by how good it looks. The slightly higher collar and neck is a nice touch as well, and draws the slim fit shirt out up the body. One pocket on the chest adds something to the line of this shirt, but don't be putting much in it though, sunglasses only me thinks.

So, yes the appeal is universal alright, well it appeals to me anyway, lots.