Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Stick the boot in

FUNNY but it really is the simple ideas that are the best, pure form and all that, and so it is with Clae shoes the American company that has crossed rubicon between trainers and shoes so perfectly with their product it beggars the question, why has nobody else done this?

The history of the tennis shoe is well timeless, but it somehow seemed that the two, would never meet, but they have and what a result it is for us if truth be known.

And they have been kicking up a storm Stateside with everybody from Sneaker Freaker, Antenna to Nylon Guys magazines fawning over these cutting edge trotters, well not actually trotters are they because they aren’t exactly trainers.
Celebrities such as David Beckham (Strayhorn) and Tom Cruise (Bailey) have been seen sporting the range.
Three versions are currently available, kicking off with the Ellington shoe, which is the staple design of the range, this lace up lightweight shoe, with hardwearing canvas upper, contrast eye lets, leather cushioned inners and a contrast white sole.

The combination of the canvas, leather and the sole is exactly that, it gives the shoe a new dynamic and has a pleasing aesthetic from something so simple.
The Ellington range comes in camel and black, while the Bailey range provide a variation with shorter eye lets, and a nubuck toe front.
The sole is also a two tone grip affair, with contrasting blue sections.
The supple leather used on the upper is perfect for a more athletic shoe, neatly hidden in a stylish shoe design. Similar, but a definite step above the Ellington.
The Strayhorn is the only boot available and reminds me of a desert boot with a modern day feel to it. Not as sparse as the desert, the Strayhorn is a mid-top boot, three eylets lace ups, suede upper and rubber sole that comes round over the front of the shoe to add wear, it also has a nice lighter detail up the spin/heel of the boot. Available in camel and navy, the navy boot does not have the heel detail, but sports the sole variations like the Bailey.
I particularly like this attention to detail, creating a further design against such a simple backdrop.
Well, these boots were definitely made for walking, so get a move on.