Saturday, 26 March 2011

Knife work, if you can get it

VICTOR or Victorinox?Yea I know bad pun on a once famous saying, but it sort of is relevant, as the Swiss luggage, knife and clothing company appears to breaking out of its tag as the company famous for a knife that surely nobody in the Swiss Army would ever use in combat or anywhere else come to think of it, at least not nowadays.

Anyone who has ever used the 'multipurpose tool/knife' will recall with humour at how long it takes to find the right bloody blade or tool needed to open something as simple as a newspaper or whatever it is designed for, well imagine that in a combat zone and I don't think that you would be around for long to tell everyone how 'useful' it was.

Not so with the clothing line from the men Ibach, Switzerland who since 2001 have created clothing based around that one Swiss trait that we all admire, no not milk chocolate, but precision.

The clothing range, initially launched at the North American market has won admirers far and wide, with The Colonel being one of them.

Drop all the phoney cow bell and mooing images, these clothes are serious pieces and deserve to be viewed as such, created with a fabulous attention to detail and a simple stylish line they are stand-out without showing off.

The Ripstop hooded anorak or windcheater as they are more commonly known is the perfect example of clean crisp lines, hiding the practicalities needed in a jacket of this, in an exact manner.

Coming in navy, black and red, the hooded lightweight jacket has two vented eyelets under arm, two subtle side pockets, and well placed arm pocket sporting the famous cross logo. the hood comes with a rope adjuster, standard fayre really that bit, but the line of the hood falls well allowing the neck to rise up straight and provide good protection without having the hood up, while the aerated polyester lining proves more than adequate warmth.

The zip up front hides an amusing knife pocket inside, well they would wouldn't they.

The t-shirt range under the ominous Ss name are a further addition to this crisp stylish range, open italian collars, two button (branded) placket, and to enable the slim fit shirt to retain its all important fit, those cheeky little Swiss devils have added a small amount of spandex to the cotton garment, nice touch.

Coming in turf (light green), pink and navy.

The stripe version on the range is delicious, subtle pattern using turf green and navy, with white buttons and no logo on the chest, this is a cracker of a garment.

The round neck t-shirt, which sports a printed Victorinox logo over the pocket area is very unusual for the range as it features contrast stitching on the back of the arms, and the name emblazoned on the rear neck as well as a proofing tag on the hem of the shirt.

All in all this range is bang on target and bong on time, but then again with the Swiss what else would you expect?!