Monday, 14 March 2011

The Captain's final charge

SO with the first two khaki kingdom guides out of the way to acquiring the perfect preppy look form the wonderful world of Captain Khaki, here are the remaining three, which could see you walking not a set of National Lampoon's Animal House or strolling through one of main college campus's Stateside like a natural.

Using the prose of the man himself: The Ivy League are known for summering on the beach, and sailing out in their yachts, therefore the appropriate apparel has become part of every young chaps Spring/Summer wardrobe; boat or yachting shoes.

So where do we start, well for me the obvious name is Sebago, the stunning American company, which came into production in 1946, with the first boat shoe coming to fruition two years later.

The Dockside shoes is the icon of this range and comes in the classic nubuck dark brown shoe, which boasts rawhide laces, with non-corrosive eyelets, based around the moccasin shoe. The sole non-slip of course, is as iconic as the shoes, with the waxed laces and leather sock lining make this al there can be in boating shoes.

To counter the more casual/relaxed look of the dark brown shoe, why not try the bark boating shoe in navy, with orange waxed laces. for me the outstanding shoe is the red-white-blue boating Docksiders, with red lace top section and a white toe section and laces. Or try the black-brown combination, which boasts the same style of coloured panelling.

Coming in a dazzling blue, a smoke waxy (light grey) or blue nit, all coming with white waxy laces, this shoe is simply stand out as it has always been, the only question open to contention is socks or not?

So slung over the shoulder or worn normally, the cardigan is a garment like no other both formal and informal in look, and named obviously after the seventh Earl of Cardigan, he of the horrendous Charge of the Light Brigade and the Battle of Balaclava. Of the choices available I reckon the Dockers Shawl neck chunky cardigan is a real winner.

Its oversized buttons are lovely, six in all, and the navy body has a lovely two band red contrast, with two front pockets, to safely store your Persol foldable shades. Next up I would plump for any of the Gabicci Vintage 1973 range, which comes in five colours. Sporting a metal logo on the chest the wool mix felt trimmed top has five button fastening on the front, and two lower front pockets.

The original Penguin cardigan, which sports a zip front is a step out of the classic preppy look, but provides a good curve ball.

Coming in a waffle knit, with pipped collar in iris and a welted chest pocket, is nice top that has more of swim team feel to it, and makes it one worth considering. Also check out the Farah Coppard midnight or sand cardigan. the five wooden button front and the chunky knit make this more of a Starsky and Hutch feel, and once again comes at the preppy look from a slightly different angle.

The final entry is where I The Colonel and the Captain disagree, he suggests a blazer as the final piece of the preppy jigsaw, while I would plump for the Harrington, just to keep it more streetwise. So what would the choice be, well for me it's Baracuta, due in the main to the vast colour ranges required to keep the preppy look alive.

Coming in 15 colours, the obvious choice if the tan or beige jacket, which well speaks for itself. the G9 range provides a stunning lightweight jacket, perforated inner, two button side pockets and elasticated wrist and waist bands.

The navy or dark navy are also staples, but as the Captain has pointed out, colour is vital to the preppy look, so your are free to through caution to the wind, I just feel the Harrington jacket keeps things on the right side of Steve McQueen that's all.