Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tread carefully fellas

IT must be difficult when you know that you shoes could make or break a potential love affair, well that’s the position Northamptonshire shoemakers Jeffrey-West have found themselves.

A recent study found that women ‘often’ judge a man by his shoes, so not much for the dynamic shoe pairing to deal with then, I know where I am going the next time my ‘mad’ bird dumps me.

Anyway enough of psycho talk, the shoes currently on offer fomr J-W are nothing short of sublime, I am a particular fan of the Flashman 3293 boot in tan, black, muse tan or muse black, the latter are the college boot (pull on as opposed to lace up).

The lace ups boast three eye holes, and have a half brogue front, with a Goodyear welted sole.

The tan boot already has an antique looke to it, which is lovely, while the black wisely avoid this.

Named after the classic cad-soldier from the George MacDonald Fraser novels, made famous on the silver screen by Malcolm MacDowell.

They are so intrisically English they draw you into another world of style. Put simply, they beautiful.

The Dashwood boot, is your classic sixties ankle boot, coming in black a brown suede, this smacks of Jag E types and tight fitting slacks.

The boots have stitched detail and pipe contrast on the edge of the hem.

The final boot on offer is the College boot, my favourite is the muse tan, a plain zipper side boot on the same lilt as the others, with an open front and some lovely detailing.

Ladies beware, the game is afoot.