Wednesday, 2 February 2011

These Boots Were Made For Walking...

Free as a bird, and out on my own, I was shreddin’ the trail, and deep in the zone." - T. Peterson

So guys, whats in your shoe collection? A few trainers, footie boots of course, that goes without saying and the obligatory half decent going out shoes, well..... are they decent?

Bit stuck for fashion ideas, not sure what to wear with what? Well the gorgeous girls are not the only ones that are able to wear great shoes you know, we can make you succumb to wearing a pair of beauts on your feet!

Now we are in the 21st Century, drag your feet into it as well, get a more diverse in style along with your wardrobe,

Its mighty cold out there and we have some great winter warmers for you to wear, how about the Riders 2 Earth, J style ?

These workman boots are trendy or what!

These great boots are a staple must have in any blokes wardrobe and gives that adaptable look which is laid back, but still makes you as cool as the winter breeze!

Team them up up with a pair of Levis 506 Standard Worn Look Jeans and a Baracuta V Neck jumper.

So if you want a great for a night out with mates and want something that will give you a great kick, leave the footies and trainers behind! These boots were made for walking!

•Limited edition style

•Nubuck suede upper leather

•Denim Fabric trimming

•The denim part can be folded down and fasten to a pop button

•Great style and perfect for denim jeans

•Light weight boot

•Rubber sole , flexible and durable

You can visit these boots right here: