Monday, 14 February 2011

The Shermantor

You can never turn your back on a true classic and the Ben Sherman label is just that.

A true Brit classic you might say, or on the words of the lable itself a modern classic.

That’s the name the label has

given its new range of releases, funny how modern plays a continual part in the labels history.

Synonymous with the Mod culture, Arthur Benjamin Sugarman, the label founder, was born in Brighton home of the famous Mods and Rockers seaside shenanigans.

The just as the Mod Boom was about to sweep Ablion;s fair shores, the label was born in 1963. And yes you guessed it straight out of the blocks was the button down collar, which is the labels by-word for many.

In the new range, Sherman have dropped the button down on their Penny Collar denim shirt, which is the perfect dark denim in colour, with seven button front, one extra on the collar the Penny Collar. Simple, but delightful.

Elbow patches and two chest poickets finish off this excellent shirt, which runs the line between Mod and American denim perfectly.

The polo top seems to be an eternal favourite for all labels, some making their name on them, Perry, Lacoste, but for Sherman, the shirt has remained largely unchartered territory as in as much as staking its claim to originality.

Well that is over now with the arrival of the North Sea blue polo, which take this shirt to a new level.

This thing is fabulous and the contrast collar makes it, well just have a look yourself. Genius move form the label. The grey collar has two buttons Penny Collar, keeping in line with the Modern design, ribbed cuffs. This is something for nearly everyone, although the labels’ slim fit might leave some crying over their tea.

The limited sales of this range, with only selected boutiques holding the range, means these will be going off the shelves thick and fast, but they are worth the hunt.

The range reverts back to its cult button down with the Jester check and mid-range shirts, long sleeved, chest pocket, sporting the Modern logo, the true blue shirt is nice, my favourite is the button down stripe, but the label also offer a lighter denim shirt wityh button down as opposed to the Penny Collar.

One of the standout shirts form this range is the crew neck stripe and nautical stripe shirts and jumpers. They add a bit of Gaelic flair to the label, hitherto unseen and really bring a true taste of the sixties into this Modern range.

The crew stripes come on red and white and blue and white, with white collar rim, long sleeved. The nautical stripe is larger hoop on the jumper and is quite beautiful, with side button detailing.

Something unusual, but with some deck shoes on and a pair of chinos, it’s off to Brighton me thinks.