Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Put your shirt

How do you buck economic trends of the world, the continual dropping and rising? It is simple just base everything on the Lacoste T-shirt. Produce something classic, timeless and of supreme quality and it will never be open to the highs and lows of uncertainty.

You never see Lacoste shirts in a ‘fire sale’, they maintain their place, rightful I feel at the top of the pile and so it is likely to remain, especially if this year’s new colours are anything to go by.

As always though, it is a sweet shop of choice when it comes to the new colours form the iconic French company.

Heritage is the right word to describe the basic shirt, two button, crocodile logo, ribbed collar, semi-fitted. Just perfection. No need to change. The shirt always seems to be a staple building block in every discerning wardrobe, a crisp white one is the ‘daddy’, but one must be owned no matter what.

The Caiman range is it is now know, it maye have been forever, I just know it as a Lacoste T-shirt, producing a plethora of colours and it is the contrasting colours Lacoste get that always amazes me.

There are of course set colours, black, navy and that’s about it. Ech then you have a choice a growing choice and I love it.

I am always drawn to the pastel colours of the shirt for example the nautilus, onde or lemon all beautiful shades, but colours like chartreuse, marjolaine, roquette, tige and caman are all subtle green variations as well.

Bordeux provides lovely deep colour, which is both a smart/casual worker, like ciment, a lighter brown and the poivre, which is an off grey that works with all styles.

But purple hues such as archeveque, mufiler and tanzanite are as far a sstep away as you could want, real bold colours for similar statements. Pinks of course play amajor part in the collection, with five on offer, from the lighter azalee through cardon, buvard, impatiens to fraise.

All together there are 37 flavours if I am correct, chocolate being another which appeals hugely to me.

As you can gather they all appeal to me, right better get shopping.