Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Keeping up with the Joneses

SOME things in life genuinely shock you, such as finding out that Hugo Boss was responsible for designing SS uniforms in the Second World War and also, although not in the same league, the fact that Liam Gallagher is using his Pretty green label to complete the wardrobe for the new biopic about the life of Rolling Stone Brian Jones.

The film which is currently in pre-production if whispers are to be believed, but presumably the mills at PG mansions will be going hell for leather, but what will be the garments on show?

It is almost nailed on that some of the paisley scarfs will be on show, form the silk neck scarfs to the woollen numbers used alongside one of the longer PG jackets for example the vintage trench coat, all very Jones in his style.
The collarless shirts Black Label would be in the ball park as well, along the rinse washed black denims a favourite of the Stones from that era, especially Jagger, strutting his stuff on stage.

Jones is almost the perfect MoD icon, with his flamboyant style, patterned shirts and dandy approach, which has cuts so perfect that they could make a grown man cry.

Of the T-shirts on offer, the SS range, presumably in brighter collars will fit the bill, the pique polo and the sky ones along with the stripe shirts, which offer that classic sixties contrasting collar.
The desert boots may be used, but what collars, black is a cert, with the Stones propensity for wearing coloured jeans, the lower cut boot will fit right in. The other shorts that may feature are the y-necks, the way the five button front opens wide, is reminiscent of those iconic images as the States tried to break the States, although admittedly after Jones has fallen into the swimming pool at his Sussex home
For me another definite that could cut the scene is the Black Label peacoat in velvet, such a nice garment and perfect for the look along with the wool and silk mix scarves and of course the merino wool roll necks.
But, if you cannot quite make the job properly you could always check out what John Smedley has to offer. I can see almost everything from the new Smedders range making the grade.
The Peregrine Basket Weave t-shirts with 3/4 length sleeves, this 100 per cent cotton shirt is an icon.
The Edgar navy silver shirt which is a classic ribbed crew neck, with contesting fabric panels with a 10 button front. Or with a pair of dark or light jeans such as Levis, try the Ultra Slim fit PWR 511 Levis in either denim or dark indigo or the PWR Sta-Prest 307 trousers in white why not try the Edison merino wool top, which has a lovely grey line to the collar. The three button, ribbed cuff and waist band jumper is quite simply beautiful.
Any of the Dorset range of tops would be chosen, three button polo shirt design, long sleeve, comes in black, charcoal, Nocture or the Edison also comes in silver with a red collar edge.
This blogger thinks that Liam may have to tip his hat to other designers if you are going to avoid the movie being your 19th Nervous Breakdown that is.