Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Here comes the Sun-spel

IN the modern era, where clothing labels appear and vanish in the blink of an eye, or are swallowed up by larger labels or high street brands, heritage is something that is worth every penny.

So it is with Sunspel, a truly Engish label, which last year celebrated 150 years of trading, creating beautifully tailored high quality garments, that have simply stood the test of time.

History to this Derbyshire basic company is paramount and using Sea Island and other high quality cottons, which became a benchmark during its early trading days following the collapse of export markets from China, shows an indelible link to the past, which it has proudly retained.

Today's products are sublime, creating classic design V and round neck jumpers, the label more famously produces t-shirts, vest and boxers.

Being the company to introduce the now famous short to the English market way back in 1947.

For the more televisual amongst you, note Nick Kaman's boxers in the 501s advert that got your bird of the time all hot under the collar, or check out the latest Batman Returns films, where Christian Bale sports countless tight fitting T-shirts and vests, yes all Sunspel. And as for Daniel Craig's James bond in Casino Royalé, yes Sunspel, the same can be said for the follow up, Quantum of Solace.

This summer looks set to have an extra ray in it, with the releases of the company's T-shirt, polo ranges and boxers, which are a delight.

I am gonna salivate over the T-shirts to start which not only look, but feel amazing.

The soft Egyptian cotton on the standard polos, which all have shorter Italian cut collars, as opposed to the standard Lacoste length collar, or the something from the Pengiun ranges.

Two button only, the tight fit is a classic, but rarely used by others.

I used to look upon these with awe as they sat in my dad's wardrobe and not having seen one in the flesh for a few years it was like welcoming an old friend when I stumbled across them in Stuarts.

The Jersey range of shirts come in a fabulous clear night blue, grey (with right chest pocket), charcoal melange grey, snow white and navy, a soft navy that has to be seen, oh and raspberry.

The Riviera range of shirts, Craig as Bond, sports a left-hand chest pocket, with colour match button, again only two though.

The range, which is a pure piece of classic Brit abroad comes in black, grey, a delicious lighter version of the colour and blue.

The lightness of the cotton adds to the cut of the shirt.

Yes summer is here, and this time round there will be an extra bit of Sun-spel, for all of us to bask in.